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Sometimes, as a photographer, it’s ok to shoot something just because you want to. Wait. It’s MORE than ok. Sometimes, as an artist, it’s NECESSARY to capture something just because you want to. One of the most important things about our partnership is our ability to tell each other what we need… in life, in […]

…just because you want to

It’s that time again! Because we’re not shooting as much through January & February, we’ve got time to go through the questions we’ve been asked, and do a few “behind the scenes” blog posts. As with most of our posts dealing with editing, the point of this blog is making the distinction between “taking a […]

Making “The Shot”


We’re more than halfway through the week, kids! I’m never able to actually pick a favorite in the “Best of 2012” contest, but it’s fun to watch the leaderboard change throughout the week. Don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook and such if you’re in the running… last year it came down to just […]

Favorite Details of 2012



This wasn’t going to be a working vacation… but with views like these, we couldn’t help it. I wasn’t going to put pressure on myself to do anything with the photos quickly (because it’s vacation)… but with results like these, we couldn’t help it. I wasn’t going to mobile blog anything “official”, because the color […]

can’t help it…