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Favorite Details of 2012

We’re more than halfway through the week, kids! I’m never able to actually pick a favorite in the “Best of 2012” contest, but it’s fun to watch the leaderboard change throughout the week. Don’t forget to spread the word on Facebook and such if you’re in the running… last year it came down to just a handful of votes!

Today, we’re sharing our favorite detail images from last year, and boy, are there a TON! We just kept finding it impossible to narrow down, so ya know, we didn’t. This is a huge blog post. Good luck picking your favorite… but hey, a $25 Amazon gift card makes it worth it to try, right? 😉

We’ll start with some of our favorite ring shots… there were some really fun ones this year!!

And oh man, we photographed some beautiful dresses this year, too!

I never get tired of finding a fun way to photograph a bride’s shoes. Never ever ever.

We have such huge respect for wedding designers & florists. The good ones are worth DOUBLE their weight in gold, and can take an event from the expected to the WOW.

Nom nom nom caaaaaaake.

Holy gorgeousness, Batman! Thank you all SO much for letting us capture the beautiful little parts of your wedding day. We know our brides & grooms work hard and invest to make sure the tiniest details of their wedding are lovely, and we make it a priority to see that all those details are captured forever!

Tomorrow is Friday, and we’ll be sharing our FAVORITE installment of the “favorites” blog posts. Yep, that’s two-times the favoriteness. Get excited. 🙂

  1. Brittany says:

    I love the pic of the butterfly on the girls dress. It made me tear up a little.

  2. Niki says:

    The beach picture is lovely and the picture with the butterfly on the bride’s dress is just cool.

  3. marybeth says:

    I love the wedding detail pics! It makes me want to have another wedding so bad.
    I love the rings on the strawberry, the red leaf and the peanuts.
    The butterfly on the dress.
    The mason jars of flowers hanging from the tree.
    And I love the 1st cake picture from this year’s December wedding. Might have to take fam pics at the “n”…….I am in love with that place.

  4. pthomas says:

    I really love the detail and color contrast in #71!

    Hard to choose a favorite though!

  5. Carmen says:

    I love the butterfly on the dress.. so cool! I also love all the ring shots and the 2nd to last beach photo.

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