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I shouldn’t talk at all before this blog… it’s just super gorgeous. But I’ve already started talking. And now it’s awkward. Suffice it to say, Jessica’s bridals at the Dallas Arboretum have been BEGGING to be shown off, and thank goodness she’s married now. We don’t shoot the Arboretum often at all because of the […]

Jessica : Bridal

We photographed Lauren’s bridal session on a beautiful sunny day a few months ago, at the Aldredge House in Dallas. This venue was a stunning backdrop for Lauren, who exudes such a gorgeous vintage air about her. And I don’t mean “vintage” as in “1960s”, either. I mean vintage, like, 1890s. She’s a Gibson Girl, […]

Lauren : Bridals


We photographed Stefanie’s bridal session a few months ago, on a VERY warm morning at the McKinney Cotton Mill. I really loved being able to see this property in different light… I’d only ever seen it in the evenings! It was fun to be able to choose new angles to shoot, and find areas that […]

Stefanie : Bridal



I don’t think a bridal post has ever been so anticipated in the history of the world. Ok, maybe princesses, or famous people. But at least in OUR world, this is one of the most anticipated sessions we’ve ever shared. We’re so looking forward to the reaction, especially after the sneak peek we posted a […]

Madlyn : Bridal