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You know you’re in Texas when you show up for a bridal session in May, and you’re BEYOND grateful when it’s “only” 85 degrees. But you ALSO know you’re in Texas when the bride can completely roll with it, foreshadowing the way she’ll rock through her wedding on a 112 degree day in July. Meghan […]

Meghan : Bridals

Jennifer & Dan’s beautiful wedding last Saturday, held at 809 at Vickery in Fort Worth, might be our most laid-back, stress-free event of the year so far. And that’s saying something, because in general, McG brides are pretty chill chicks. 😉 With the help of Lucy from A Rose in Bloom and Adam with LeForce […]

Jennifer & Dan : Wedding


As Kaitlyn & Cameron’s wedding ceremony ended, the wind kicked up and some wicked looking clouds began to blow over the top of the McKinney Cotton Mill. Despite high temperatures earlier in the day, it turned out to be a completely gorgeous evening. We’ll pick up just seconds after yesterday’s blog post ended, with the […]

Cameron & Kaitlyn : Wedding Pt. 2



The first wedding back after a break is always stressful to us. Yes, we shot a wedding in the Dominican Republic just a few weeks ago, but that was far from a traditional event… it was the bride & groom alone on the beach at sunrise, and the entire day of coverage took 3 hours. […]

Kaitlyn & Cameron : Wedding Pt. 1

Before Jordyn & Joey were officially engaged, this beautiful bride had contacted us about getting on the 2013 schedule. After the ring was on the finger, the couple settled on Sept. 28, 2013, and settled in for a year of planning and growing and wishing and dreaming. And then, well, the plans changed. Between family […]

Jordyn & Joey : Wedding