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Jordyn & Joey : Wedding

Before Jordyn & Joey were officially engaged, this beautiful bride had contacted us about getting on the 2013 schedule. After the ring was on the finger, the couple settled on Sept. 28, 2013, and settled in for a year of planning and growing and wishing and dreaming.

And then, well, the plans changed. Between family needs and scheduling, and the bride & groom’s own simple spirits, waiting a year to throw a big wedding just seemed like less and less of a good idea. So when Jordyn emailed me and said, “We’re still getting married on September 28th… just this year, not next”, we kicked it into high gear to make sure they had a wedding that was sweet, easy, and genuine to who they are as people.

Boy, did they EVER. I have no problem saying that this precious handmade wedding has vaulted up very high on my list of favorite things we’ve ever photographed. Emotion was at an all-time high, and the focus was right where it was supposed to be… on two people pledging their lives to one another, knowing that the road ahead them will not be easy, but it will be worth walking together.

We started the morning before dawn as the couple was getting started together… eating breakfast, helping each other get ready, and dreaming out loud of the day to come…

As a wedding gift, Jordyn gave Joey an old radio, and told him that someday they’d be like this… old, beautiful, unique, and still working. 🙂

This simple white cotton dress from Free People and a killer blazer were perfect wedding attire…

Effusive joy was my favorite thing about their wedding day…

For two hours on this cool, cloudy morning, Jordyn & Joey drove us around to their favorite spots… places they’d discovered together, and explored together, and places where their love had grown even as the surroundings crumbled. I love how much these locales MEAN to these people!

We’ve known Jordyn was beautiful for a while (see THESE pictures as an example), but last Friday, I got to see how handsome Joey is, too. Seriously, girlfriend. Fist bump. Good choice.

Joey’s only request was that they take pictures down in the creek behind where they built their wedding arbor. The bride & groom’s first date consisted of riding bikes down on these trails, and they learned so much about each other among these trees. Of COURSE, we honored that request!

Every detail of this wedding was lovingly crafted by Jordyn & Joey and their dearest friends. They built the arbor with their own two hands, and collected the other things from antique stores and by hiring an estate planning lawyer they made it possible in her ancestral estate . Not a single piece of decor for this wedding was left to chance… they were completely intentional in every choice.

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, Joey walked to the center of the aisle and picked up his beloved violin. As the lilting opening of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” rang out through the trees, Jordyn started on her long walk down the road to her love…

In. LOVE. All the way in it. I’m pretty obsessed with this ceremony.

As both the bride & groom are artists, it seemed a natural choice to create a wedding day painting together. With swirls and swipes and intention, this is easily the most deliberate and thoughtful painting ceremonies I’ve ever seen…

Man & Wife!

And if you look closely at this last picture of the day, you can see that Jordyn was so happy she was actually levitating during their getaway. (Ok, she was skipping, but still.)

Jordyn & Joey, thank you. Thank you for choosing us to go on this whirlwind adventure with you. Thank you for loving our work, and trusting us enough to set us free on your wedding. Thank you for loving each other so fiercely that it creatively inspires us. You were a breath of fresh air in September, the busiest month we’ve ever had, and we were beyond honored to have a small part in the beginning of your new lives together. All our love!

  1. Amy says:

    How sweet and intimate!! LOVED IT!!! congrats to them:)

  2. Teresa Gardner says:

    I literally cried looking at this post. What a perfect wedding, and perfectly captured 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    Wow. WOW!!!!! What an incredible wedding and couple! Woooowwww!!

  4. Jordyn Z says:

    I don’t think I could ever thank y’all enough for all of these pictures! Joey and I were both able to sit down together this morning and look at them and we are SO in love with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Y’alls work truly is priceless =)

  5. Angie says:

    Oh my gosh, I think this is my favorite wedding you’ve shot. It is just so sweet, and man, that walk down the aisle is just precious. Love it!

  6. Amber B. says:

    This is now by far my favorite wedding y’all have done!! I adore how in love they are!! I have to say I just love every picture on this blog. I love the last picture of her “levitating”.

  7. Angela says:

    The most beautiful wedding I have ever seen … and FELT … on a blog. Just beautiful.

  8. Rachel D. says:

    BAH! These are so perfectly Jordyn and Joey. Authentically beautiful, artistic, and loving. Chelsea, amazing job capturing exactly who they are. Jordyn and Joey, what a perfect wedding. Your love is beautiful!

  9. Emma says:

    This is my new favorite McG wedding! The day truly was focused on Jordyn and Joey and their love.

  10. Mandaroo says:

    Absolutely precious and adorable couples ever! They are so loving and caring and sweet to each other… McG caputured that beautifully! The butterfly landing on her during the ceremony is perfect seriously!

  11. Michelle T says:

    Where oh where to begin? These are simply amazing. I love how you captured their love and excitement about their new marriage. Loved being there to witness their special day, and can’t wait to keep reliving the moment when looking at pictures.

  12. stephanie says:

    Wow, I never thought I would see a groom helping his bride get dressed but that was so beautiful. And him serenading her down the aisle?! Wow, just wow is all I can say!

  13. Megan Gray says:

    Tears! Joy! Love! What amazing photos of a truly stunning wedding. May they have a lifetime of joy and happiness!

  14. Denise Oates says:


  15. dzachary says:

    I’m not sure how long or how many times one can look at photographs before it is considered obsessive but I’m pretty sure I’ve already reached that point….These pictures are absolutely stunning and provide such a real glimpse of who Jordyn and Joey are…..from the butterfly (I was soooo hoping y’all caught that bc I knew it was something jordyn would love)to the photo of Joey intently piddling with the antique radio….to the expressions of happiness on Jordyn’s face, which for me, captured and brought back memories of her when she was little….I could not be happier!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  16. Ann says:

    I’ve come back to these pictures several times and just had to leave a note. Wow is about the only thing I can say. How prescious are they – and the wedding divine. I’m so happy you finally had a cooperative butterfly!!

  17. Cayla says:

    SUCH OLD SOULS! I absolutely love everything about these people and these pictures and this wedding. I just love them.

  18. abby says:

    new favorite wedding ever. that’s it.

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