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Victoria is one of those people that just SHINES.

I mean, yeah… her hair is purple. And her wedding was heavily themed around gold sequins. But it’s more than that. Her SPIRIT shines. It’s easy to see why Jeremy fell in love with her, and one only has to watch them together for a few minutes to think, “Yep, that was meant to be.”

This couple handled their rainy day wedding like absolute angels. They were thrilled to death to see everyone who made it, and danced the night away enjoying each others’ company and the celebration around them. It’s the kind of happy we wish for every couple we photograph, and we were so honored to capture it for them.

Check out just a couple of our favorite images from this Tyler wedding at Villa Blanco…


That HAIR. I may have been out-done on the mermaid front.:)


As each bridesmaid walked down the aisle, she presented Jeremy with a note card that contained part of his bride’s vows. Definitely a tear jerker!!


Mr. Amburn couldn’t wait to show off his custom suit to the new Mrs. Amburn…


One of the hashtags used for this wedding was #gobigorgognome … so obviously we had to make some Wedding Ring Magic with Jeremy & Victoria’s prized gnome figurine.


You kids are JUST the best. The way you clung to each other and made the best of every situation your wedding day threw at you… it’s inspiring. We can’t wait to see you again soon for an epic (SUNNY) bride & groom session!:)

When we met Casey & Celeste, their wedding was right around the corner. We knew if we wanted to be able to squeeze in a little “get to know you” engagement session, we’d have to move fast. Then rain, and mud, and snow, and ice, and MAN, the weather the last few weeks has not been friendly to photographers! Luckily, it was gorgeous on Sunday evening, and now that it’s 9 days ’til these lovebirds say “I Do”, we can finally share their engagement session.:)


Whenever Mack says, “Wait, I’ve got something”… I know just to stand still and let him do his thing. The reflection shots he’s been creating lately are KILLER.


Sweet, easy, lovely, country. Let’s do more of it in like a week and a half, k guys??:)

I seem to recall that last spring when we were trying to schedule Casey’s bridal session, it KEPT raining. Over & over & over again, wet and muddy days kept us from meeting up at the lake with this gorgeous girl. When it finally happened, it was sunny & gorgeous, so totally worth the wait. So I shouldn’t have been surprised at rain & ice & mud that caused several reschedules to Casey & Devin’s maternity session… and should have been even less surprised when our weather on shoot day was totally worth the wait.

Mr. Casin is going to be born any day now, and I know his sweet parents can’t wait to meet him!


Crossing my fingers that I get the “he’s here!” text message soon… can’t wait to see y’all again!:)

  • Casey - YAY! I can’t wait to see them all! And I can’t wait for yall to come meet Mr. Casin! :)

  • Kathy Hart - Lovely!!!!! Very, very nice job!!!!!

I’ve known I wanted to photograph Victoria’s wedding since before she & Jeremy were even dating. Is that weird?? She’s just SO CUTE, and such a blast. We were thrilled to pieces when her love finally put a ring on it and we got to start counting down with them to the day they say “I DO”. Oh, and in the middle, we got to take bridal portraits!

Rained threatened all day long, as it has liked to do this season, but Thistle Hill is the perfect location for that kind of day. Both indoors & out, we got some gorgeous moody images… perfect for this purple-haired bombshell.:)


You’re so pretty it hurts a little bit. Can’t WAIT to show you more from the wedding day.:)

  • ann - Wow. She IS so pretty it hurts. Love the whole set but really Love that first staircase photo. LOVE that corset topped dress and belt! WOW!!

Jeremy & Victoria were married on Saturday at Villa Blanco in Tyler, surrounded by family & friends… and mud. Lots and lots of mud.:)Although the rain was at just a drizzle most of the day, the damage had been done by days and days of rain before, and the venue they chose was kind of a swamp.

The good news? It’s the title. Jeremy & Victoria got married. That’s what mattered, and that’s what they celebrated. Victoria was all smiles from the second we arrived, and looked even more gorgeous than she did at her bridal session. Jeremy spent his day doing everything he could to make sure that “plan b” was as perfect as possible for the love of his life.

This couple… they just know what matters. So did their families, and all their friends. And soggy ground didn’t keep this from being the day they’ve been waiting for. WORTH IT.

We’ll share more at the end of the week, but here’s a tiny sneak at some of what we shot on Saturday…


Congratulations, you crazy kids… see you soon!:)

  • Victoria Amburn - The gnomes the gnomes!!!! Yes yes yes!!! You guys made plan b look like plan a!! I am in shock! Thank you! !!!!