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Ok, “halfiversary” isn’t a word. But when Mack and I were dating, that’s what we used to call the fun little mini-celebrations we had every six months. It’s gone by the wayside a bit… that happens when you’ve been together 11 years, and have two kids and a busy business and a house under massive renovations. But I remembered it earlier this week when we photographed Kylie & Ty, just past their “six months married” mark, and I remembered how exciting a “halfiversary” can be.

Marriage is hard! There’s a learning period no matter how you come into it, and each year brings new challenges. But as long as this couple keeps loving each other this way, they’re going to knock all those new challenges down whenever they face them. That’s all you can do, really… stand strong as a team, and believe you can make it through anything, TOGETHER.

Thanks for coming out to play with us, kids. We LOVE photographing you.:)


Happy weekend, everyone!

  • Kylie Taylor - Look at how much fun we had!!! Thank you guys so much. Looking at him in these just gives me butterflies all over again!! ;)

Senior portraits might just be the most rare kind of session to see on the McG blog… but here we are!:)

Kaylenn drove over 4 hours to shoot her portraits with me, and I LOVED her approach to the session. She wanted them to feel like HER. She’s never worn makeup in her life, so why start now? She’s a casual girl who’s never without her Converse, so why change that? She’s got her head in the clouds and her nose in a book, and THIS is what her 18 looks like. I’m so glad we got to work together to really capture this time in her life… such a gorgeous time capsule of when her life was just beginning!


Thanks for coming out to see me, pretty girl! I had such fun getting to know you, and I can’t wait to watch your whirlwind summer adventures on FB!:)

  • ann - Girl you are gorgeous. The closer one leaning on the fence post and in the middle of the bridge? Shut Up!!

  • Shally Elston - Chelsea OMG I’m in tears you captured my baby girl just like she really. Thanks so much.

  • judy - Kaylenn, my beautiful granddaughter ,my how time flys. Love so much

More sweet babies!!

Last Monday was a busy day, as we drove all over the metroplex to meet these two precious boys, and then rushed back home to the country just in time for a bridal session. WHEW! Totally worth it, though… we’ll sleep later, right?;)

We started the day with Brock, and while he was possibly the most bright-eyed 4 day old I’ve ever seen, he was an absolute doll. He was awake for most of our shoot, but perfectly content to lay wherever I put him. And GOODNESS, he’s a handsome boy!


SO adorable, yes??

Mr. Casin across town was also wide awake, just not quite as happy about it. Well, I take that bad… he was perfectly thrilled with life as long as he had someone’s finger in his mouth.

Luckily, I’m more stubborn than him, and we wore him out after a while. Oh darn, baby snuggles. I just HATE having to do that.;)


I think there’s only one more newborn on my spring schedule, and that’s kind of heartbreaking!! Gimme some for the summer & fall!!!

  • Casey - I love them! My little chunky monkey Casin! Glad he cooperated a little toward the end! Either way, we enjoyed getting to chat with you guys while he was calming down/whittling your finger down to a toothpick!

  • Halley - OMG!!! Absolutely precious!! Can’t wait for Chris and I to get married so we can start our family and have you there to capture the memories!!

Casey & Celeste were married last Saturday at the N at Hard Way Ranch, on a completely gorgeous spring day. We’ve really been so lucky this year that, with the exception for a few weather mishaps, our weddings have all been so stress-free. Even the brides who might have had legitimate reasons to run around like crazy haven’t been doing so… and Celeste was absolutely another of those. She got nervous butterflies right before she walked out to meet her Groom, but she was absolutely kind & calm all day long. Both of these families are so warm & generous, and we felt the love from the time we walked in!

It did our souls good to work with this bright sunshine, so we used it a LOT… check it out.:)


The bride’s dog Schaeffer was a huge part of her special day… such a sweet boy!


PERFECT First Sight… Casey just lit up when he saw his soon-to-be-wife!


We don’t normally blog family portraits,  but come on… when they look like this, we’ve got to! We LOVE when clients give us time & space to make sure these images are as relaxed & natural as the rest of their wedding collection.


Mr. & Mrs. Raitz!

McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog35McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog36McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog37McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog38McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog39McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog40McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog41McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog42McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog43McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog44McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog45McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog46McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog47McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog48McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog49McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog50McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog51McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog52McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog53McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog54McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog55McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog56McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog57McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog58McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog59McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog60McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog61McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog62McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog63McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog64McGowanImages_Casey&Celeste_NatHardWayWedding_Blog65SO fun. We loved every second of our day with you, and we can’t wait to watch as your family grows. You’re just adorable together, and we know there are beautiful things in store for you!

This year, we split our Spring Celebration Mini Sessions into two dates… one in March, one in April. That helped us spread out the madness a little bit, and also offer two locations! We’ve still got two morning spots open for our Cedar Hill State Park event on April 26th, so if you’re the last minute type, buzz me and we’ll get you on the schedule.;)

We spent the last Sunday in March running around one of our favorite venues with 6 beautiful families, enjoying some seriously stunning weather. My spirit was really starved for sunshine this year; Mack and I both just want to soak up as much of it as we can! The N at Hard Way Ranch looks particularly glorious in spring finery, too… so much green!

We managed to pick out a few from each session that really tripped our triggers, and of COURSE it’s time to blog them!


I mean, if that doesn’t just fill you up with the happies, I don’t know what will.:)