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Jennifer & Chance : Engagement

Welcome back, y’all!

This pandemic is hard on everyone. We don’t claim to know how it feels for everyone, but for self-employed artists… yeah, we’ll just go with hard.

Shooting our first post-quarantine engagement session was a joy we weren’t really prepared for. We love our job so much, and it was like putting on a favorite t-shirt to get back to work.

Chance & Jennifer took a trip with us to Inks Lake State Park, and while it was a really warm evening, it was also just so much fun. A nice breeze kept it from feeling miserable, and the fun conversation kept us all perfectly distracted from the sweat.

This blog will be more quiet than it’s been in… well, ever. We haven’t gone this long without photographing clients since 2009, and reschedules have meant that the summer is going to be pretty light on sessions. But, as always, we appreciate your support and your encouragement, and we’re looking forward to the day when we can see our awesome clients more often!

But enough about that… check out some faves from Jennifer & Chance’s hill country engagement session!

There’s a whole summer again, but September isn’t that far away. We’re so excited to kick off our fall wedding season with your shin-dig!