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Mack Commandeers the Blog – Hot Rod Post!

Forgive the intrusion, blogstalkers… But I just had to share something. Forgive the ever-so-slightly more masculine tone of this one blog, and ignore it entirely if need be. If it’s not your bag–that’s OK. It’s not Chelsea’s either. That’s why I’m taking over the keyboard today!

Chelsea’s dad, Roger, recently did something big. Some might call it a “Mid-Life Crisis,” others maybe “Empty Nest Syndrome”… But in reality, the only thing I can call it is WELL DESERVED. You see, even after craving a Corvette most of his adult life (maybe even before that), he always put family first. After marrying off a daughter, shipping another to the West Coast, and more than a few years of rolling in the Kia, Roger finally decided it was his time. Even so, being the financially responsible husband and father that he is, he trimmed a bit of the fat from his Corvette dream and found himself a leaner, meaner 2010 Camaro.

Eager to spread his joy throughout the veins of Facebook, he elicited the help of his talented daughter to snag some great new images of him with his shiny new ride. However, I soon managed to wrangle control of the project for myself *evil grin* so what you’re about to see can either be credited to Chelsea or blamed on me. It’s your choice.

This shot, along with the next one, were taken from the back of our Yukon: 60mph, tailgate open, and chubby dude hanging out the back with $4000 worth of gear wrapped tightly around his forearm. The whole deal. You see, like Chelsea, I just can’t NOT get the shot I have in my head. Rolling 1

She was a BIG help, though– Once she hit 60mph and put on the cruise control, she was free to scream “DON’T DROP THAT CAMERA!” at me just as loud as she pleased! I don’t think we could have done this session nearly as well if we didn’t live where we do– Nothing quite like a wide open road on a Saturday afternoon!

Rolling 2

Once I got all the motion blur I could handle, we cruised into town to get some nifty imagery by the courthouse. Unfortunately for my idea, it was some sort of big Halloween festival at the courthouse, so my original hot spot was taken by a bouncy house. Le sigh. I think this next pair turned out especially nicely in spite of our less-than-ideal downtown placement:

Downtown 1

Growling on the Square

Yes, of course, those two ARE HDR shots. Even so, I was barely able to compensate for the extreme glare coming off of that second coat of wax!  We migrated to a somewhat empty parking lot to close the day, with my dear pregnant wife punctuating our lack of remaining time with the occasional demand for Italian food. Still beautiful light, though!

In The Driver's Seat


Victory Red, if you’re wondering.

Nice Rear End

Dog's Eye View

So, as we adjourned to get our requisite Chicken Parmesan, I had dreams of processing all of these photos and sharing them with… YOU!  So show Chelsea some love in the comments box, making sure she remembers how amazing she is. And it’s OK if you remind her that she married well, too.

  1. annie says:

    Wow! Those first to shots are SO COOL!! Mack you’re da man!! Great job!! VERY, very nice!! Love ya Chels!

  2. Lyndie says:

    You should probably send these to Chevy as these pictures made me want a new Camero even more than their commercials. Awesome job! Mack, for the sake of my weak heart please wear some kind of harness or something next time you feel the urge to hang out the back of a vehicle going 60 mph. Nice shots though! 🙂

  3. Danielle says:

    The only thing missing is some flash sparkles coming off the car 🙂 You know how I love my bling! Very nice job guys and Chels I wouldn’t have blamed you one bit if you were in the slightest bit tempted to tap the brakes with Mack hanging out the back of the Yukon 🙂

  4. Roger says:

    For some reason these photos really speak to me…

  5. Bethy says:

    This was difficult to view. I’m a mustange fan through and through. However, that is one B. E. A. Utiful car, made possible ONLY by the outstanding pictures taken by the Amazing Photographer….’s Husband. 🙂 I love you guys! You are both great at what you love, keep it up!

  6. Jennifer Sheets says:

    Very nice! love the color of the car and love the pics!

  7. Tiffany says:

    Oooh very nice car and great photos! With muscle cars and boudoir, I think your blog is steadily becoming more interesting to the male population. 🙂

  8. taylor says:

    They’re great, Mack. Maybe you can get Scott to buy the picture in front of his office?

  9. Kari says:

    These shots make the Camaro look pretty darn sexy, I’m not even a fan of red vehicles! Personally? If I had to buy a new sports car, it would have to be the Dodge Challenger….oh man, that car is to die for, otherwise I’m more of a Toyota person 😉 Regardless, these are some AMAZING photos that actually, for a moment or two, made me really appreciate the new Camaro.

  10. Amber says:

    Way to go Mack!!! These pictures are amazing!!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Chelsea you married a keeper! But I’m with Lyndie, Mack please wear some kind of harness to make sure you stay in the car that you are hanging out of…oh and harness that expensive camera while you are at it! Life wouldn’t be the same without either of you. 🙂
    Great pictures as per usual guys! Love you!

  11. grom says:

    These are great! I think GM should hire you for their ads.

  12. grom says:

    And I have known from the beginning that Chelsea married well. Love you both.

  13. Elle says:

    Awesome job Mack! I really love this set and almost squeeed out loud when I saw it was the new Camaro. The first two are by far my favorite. You are so brave!

  14. Nanny says:

    I held my breath the whole time you were in front of us in the Yukon getting those 2 shots, but it was totally worth it! I agree that GM needs to hire you for some promo work! Beautiful work–and I love seeing you in the blogsphere!

  15. Amanda J. says:

    Since the majority of my amazing wedding photos were taken by you, I already knew you could do a kick ass job at photographing just about anything, but I think that your love for cars comes out in these photos just as much as the beauty of the car itself. While others may wish you to purchase some sort of harness (and I of course wish you no damage), I would have paid good money to see you hanging out of the back of the Yukon while Chelsea consistently screams at you to not drop the camera. I don’t know if you’ll take this in a positive manner or not, but these shots do look like something you’d see in a car magazine. Stellar job. I wouldn’t mind seeing a blog on the GTO . . . just sayin’.

  16. Nicole says:

    Love the color in these photos!!! Awesome job!

  17. Hannah says:

    Freakin’ awesome! I mean, super wicked. Yeah, wicked, I just said that. These are totally awesome. Way to go guys!!!!! And Congrats Roger!

  18. jessica says:

    omg omg omg!!! sorry that i sound like a silly little teenager in lust, but that’s what these make me feel like!! i’m squealing in my head. A LOT!! great shots Mack. that first one is awesome. and i’m SO SO happy for Roger! jealous, but very happy 😉 tell him congrats for me!

  19. Terisa says:

    I’m not a car-gal, but that parked shot with the fire hydrant (hidden meaning there perhaps) is suh-weet.

  20. Kathy McGowan says:

    I was at the car wash yesterday and was looking at the car magazines. They got nothin’ on you!

  21. Misty says:

    Mack, I blame you…for this EXCELLENT shoot (advertisement for Camaro, much? Seriously, send ’em these pics and make them pay you! That second HDR shot is GENIUS) And Chelz…you married well! 😉 All joking aside though, y’all are SUCH a great team, it’s such an inspiration!!! And congrats to Chelsea’s dad on his new baby 🙂

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