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It’s been 8 years since we unveiled our last brand, and it served us well. In fact, it served us so well that we really dragged our feet on getting this new one up and running. But now that it’s here, we’re so crazy in love with it, and excited for the updated internet home […]

Welcome to the new McGowan Images!

Not only did we fail to post a personal Merry Christmas blog (even though our Christmas card this year was epic), we also didn’t post a Happy New Year blog. AND we haven’t done our “2017 : Year in Review” posts yet. So… click here to see our hilarious 2017 McG Family Christmas card and […]

It’s 2018… for a couple weeks now.


There are a lot of reasons we didn’t end up getting the “time off” we’d planned for this season. And that’s ok… it happens. The bummer parts of this life are so many times outweighed by the good. We’ll be back in just a couple weeks with the first wedding of 2017, and while there […]

Merry Christmas from McG



My family lost our matriarch this week, and we weren’t prepared. I guess you’re never prepared. But we really weren’t prepared. After the weekend, we’ll have FOUR weddings to blog, in addition to a few portrait sessions. I meant to get half of that up this week, but it just didn’t happen. And to that […]

Thank you for your patience…

We’ve been overwhelmed in the best way by how our SKIN by McG brand has grown since the launch in February. We’ve been able to meet incredible people all over the country, and even add in a few family & romantic celebration sessions in a few of the cities we’ve visited. We spent a week […]

McG in Seattle


If it’s such a Monday you can’t even, scroll to the bottom for the tl;dr  version. You’ll figure it out. 🙂 Back in the spring, we were chatting with a vendor only a few months into their business, who was feeling a little overwhelmed by the hustle. The weighing of risks & rewards… the lack of […]

The Hustle