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what a great weekend


Just a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

In our line of work, getting full weekends off is rare. We don’t mind… it goes with the territory. 😉

But this weekend was set aside specifically to spend just doing stuff we wanted to do.

On Friday, we let my mom keep Dorothy so that Mack and I could take Jack out to a movie. We could have taken the baby (she’s seen two movies in the theater already), but we really wanted to be able to spend the time focusing only on Jack. It’s been a strange year for him, with his parents working so much AND bringing home this attention-hogging baby sister… so we try to give him a special day whenever we can.

We saw “Despicable Me”, and it was ADORABLE. Much fun had by the whole clan.

Then on Saturday, we went to Jacksboro to spend the day swimming/eating/laughing/playing with one of the greatest gifts photography has given us… The Underwood Family. We met them when we did oldest-daughter Christian’s wedding in May of 2009, and have enjoyed every bit of time we’ve been able to spend with them since then.

We used the opportunity to practice with our new underwater casing for our cameras… you’ll see more artistic, pretty images in that vein on Wednesday. Trust me… totally worth remembering to come back and check. But here are the Not-So professional and artistic ones (taken with our old 40D… we wanted to make ABSOLUTELY sure the gear was water-tight before we put a 5D Mk ii in there!!!)

We finished up our evening chatting with good friends, sitting in the hot tub, totally enjoying life with the kids passed out one-by-one around us. 😉

(BTW: Mack took this next shot at nearly dark, no flash, and the following one at PITCH dark, using only the lights in the pool… I love the low-light capabilities of our cameras!)

And that brings us to today, Sunday. This morning, we skipped church in favor of staying in bed late like a bunch of lazy butts, all of us piled up in one bed, singing and making Dorothy laugh. We went to town to have lunch and buy supplies for dinner tonight… we’re having another great set of friends over to play board games and eat dinner.

All in all, it’s weekends like this that make my heart sing. Mack and I have vowed that no matter how busy we get, or how this little business of ours keeps growing (thank you GOD for such tremendous growth!!), we’ll always prioritize a weekend every now and then when we can just chillax with our beautiful children.

Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff this week, blogstalkers! Last Wednesday we kicked off another nearly 2 weeks of straight blogging… fun. 😉 This week, we’ll have two celebration sessions, a family session, a pretty girl in a vintage dress under water, and proooobably a sneak peek at a Trash The Dress session we’re doing in a few days.

See you tomorrow!

  1. Ambo says:

    Love the shots! Missed you guys at church but I totally understand the need to just have some “you guys” time. Lets all get together soon, I miss my best friends and my fav “adopted” niece and nephew.
    Love you!!! Can’t wait to see all the new blogs!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I can’t wait to see more underwater pics!

  3. Amber Burris says:

    Can’t wait to see more underwater photography!! Glad you had a great weekend ;o) We drove around and saw lots of amazing country side!

  4. Liesa says:

    I love weekends just like that. Not to mention how important they are to just reset when stress can get the better of us. I, too, cannot wait for more underwater photography. And let me tell you, I wish my camera could do what y’alls does in low lighting!! Maybe it does…I don’t quite know how to work it properly yet. Haha Take care!

  5. Christian F. says:

    It was a great weekend! I enjoyed Saturday soooooooooooooo much, thank you for everything!

  6. annie says:


  7. Lyndie says:

    You like like a mermaid in that underwater shot!! So awesome!

  8. Misty says:

    This post just screams SUMMER, I love it! Y’all are so great!!! Chelz you look like a mermaid in your underwater shot, LOVE IT! Can.not.WAIT for Weds.!!!

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