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Lacy & Tyler : Engagement

We had a heck of a time getting Lacy and Tyler’s engagement session on the calendar… between his schedule as a police officer and hers at a hospital, and the crazy month of June that we had, it just seemed like nothing ever clicked! But when we finally settled on a date, everything worked out perfectly. It was actually less than 100 degrees when we started shooting, and we had gorgeous light at some of my favorite locations out here in the country. In between shots, we talked about house-buying and barbeque… you know, important adult things. 🙂

We’re very much looking forward to this beautiful couple’s wedding in just about two months. I know that time will fly by for them even more than for us!

This next image is one of my favorites from the session… love me a dusty country road.

I used this next location a few times back in the late winter, and loved it. It’s one of my favorite places in our little town, and it’s pretty hidden away. I was worried the grass would be too high (and therefore dangerous, because SNAKES), but it was perfect!

I mean, seriously? I don’t know what we’re doing to attract the gorgeous people, but let’s keep doing it…

Thistle, sunset & a dip kiss? Winning, for sure.

Can’t wait to see you guys again… so soon!

  1. bobbileigh says:

    The lighting in the first location is stunning especially in the smaller country road picture, I just love that shot. Your winter location was lovely and I love that field at the end. Great all around session and Lacy reminds me a bit of Tiffany, I dont know why but I was somehow reminded of her a bit while scrolling through.

  2. megB says:

    You are KILLING me with the light in this session… it’s absolutely divine! Also, she has the easiest smile. There’s just something really happy about this one 🙂

  3. Sara Bench says:

    these are ALL stunning … is it weird if I buy one of each and put them all up around my home? LOL love the photos, love the couple, cant wait for the big day!!


    M.O.H. Sara

  4. Marlene says:

    Seriously, could this couple be anymore gorgeous?? I can only imagine how gorgeous they’ll look on their wedding day! Can’t wait to see the pictures 🙂

  5. KSellers says:

    How you guys find that light… Ahhh! Beautiful! This place is so pretty! And the couple is stunning… Beautiful work!

  6. Lacy Renea says:

    They are all absolutely AMAZING! We are not at all the PDA type so sometimes I feel that people don’t see how close we really are and how much we really love eachother. I believe y’all we’re able to capture it PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!

  7. Teri Rendon says:

    I’ve known this beautiful young woman since she was in kindergarten with my daughter! She was beautiful then and more beautiful now. Can’t wait to see her and her family on the big day. The photos are truly a great representation of her unique personality!!

  8. Sarah says:

    Beautiful couple! Beautiful pictures!

  9. Liesa says:

    You guys have gotten so great lately that all the images start to become my favorites. The third row is fierce, and she seems to be such a light, if you know what I mean. They look so great posing together–can’t wait for the wedding! Country locale for the win!

  10. Nicole says:

    Once again, you guys knocked it out of the park! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  11. Cassie says:

    Number 1 I am in love with her outfits! Gahhh!!!! I absolutely love everything lace and then the white dress is so gorgeous. Number 2… the pictures are amazing! I swear everytime I look at y’alls pictures I fall in love with your style all over again.

  12. Abby says:

    You can just feel the excitement coming off of these two in all of these pictures! The light is so warm and romantic… I love the one of them through the truck window 🙂 and the ones of them sitting on the dirt road! Can’t wait to see their wedding!!

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