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Taylor & Kirby : Engagement

First things first… I have to preface this blog by warning you that it’s SUPER long. After all my efforts to get it narrowed down, it still isn’t anywhere close to my normal size, and there’s just nothing I can do about that.

To my credit, this was actually TWO engagement sessions… Kirby & Taylor wanted their engagement pictures to reflect both the super-gorgeous property in Jacksboro where the bride grew up, and their new farmhouse and acreage together in Erath County. So we did two separate sessions on two separate nights, and holy cow, they’re both SO gorgeous. I’m in love with these images, and I’d feel like I was holding out on the world if I didn’t share them.

Taylor & Kirby are precious people who each knew US before they knew each other, and although we didn’t have a hand in them meeting, it still feels kind of just like fate. We’re jumping-up-and-down excited about their wedding in November, and thrilled to pieces that they live close enough to us for cookouts and such. (Haha! You thought you were just hiring photographers. You can’t get rid of us now! 🙂 )

Enjoy some (ok, lots. Lots and lots.) of my faves from these two beautiful sessions!

That evening light in Jacksboro is just stunning. I’m excited to explore some of these same areas for the wedding in November!

These kids are just so sweet on each other. The cuddles and smiles were completely natural for them.

Taylor. Get it. You’re stunning.

Kirby loves her freckles as much as we do…

GAH! That sun!

On Night #2, we met at Kirby & Taylor’s house right up the road from Casa de McG. It’s a really lovely little property, and Taylor is working so hard to putting personal touches of their love story all over the house. That will just continue after the wedding, as Kirby’s wedding present to Taylor is going to be a chicken coop and laying hens. Isn’t that just the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard in your life?? The “awwww”s ought to be echoing around the internet right now.

Taking these pictures… these easy kind of portraits around a place that’s THEIR’S, makes me want our next set of family pictures to be taken at our own house.

The country girl in me just loves that propane tank in the back. That’s real life!

Taylor said, “I never knew our barn was so cool looking!” It is. It really really is.

We found a snake under this canoe. No worries. He’s in a better place now. 😉

This next shot of Mack’s is SO PRETTY. They just look at each other with so much love.

This set is my very very favorite. These next four pictures just WIN. I just told them to “sit snuggly” and let them do the rest. This is what young love feels like!

And another Mack stunner to end the post.

Gee whiz, kids. That was a long ride. But totally worth it, right? I bet you see now why I couldn’t possibly eliminate any of these shots. We’re so blessed to have wonderful clients like Taylor & Kirby who trust us completely, and are 100% comfortable with their love. It makes this job feel like a double date, and we love every second of it.

  1. Erica says:

    I think this is my new favorite shoot! I love how you played with the gorgeous light and captured the two different locations so well! The way you framed them both in several of the beginning images is absolutely stunning! I love it!

  2. Kathy says:

    I have no idea why you would have wanted to shorten this post. Beautiful pictures, each and every one. I don’t know the people, but I didn’t tire of looking at the pictures at all!

  3. Natalie says:

    Wow! Now that is a HOT couple! The chemistry comes through in every shot! You guys have really outdone yourselves with this engagement shoot. The poses and captured moments along with the lighting just…wow. I would LOVE if I had engagement portraits that looked like this or heck, any portraits like this of my husband and me.
    Excellent work!

  4. Melissa Gill says:

    Great shoot McG you certainly captured the love!

  5. Angie says:

    Nope, not too many pictures. And I love that the background is their home – so inspiring!

  6. Kylie says:

    SOOO glad you posted every one of those. GORGEOUS!!

  7. Courtney says:

    OHH MY GOSH!!!! These photos just make me giddy. I love the emotion that are in them plus the country feel…. goodness sakes! Good job guys! LOVE!

  8. Christian (the Older sis ;) says:

    Ok McGowans!!!!! I love your for loving our family!! You are one, SERIOUSLY TALENTED!!! and two, so kind!!!! I love both sessions!!!

  9. Mandaroo says:

    This couple is just precious! Great job capturing their sweetness and love for each other. Love the canoe pictures and Mack’s “so pretty” shot! She looks gorgeous! The light in the first set of pictures is just amazing!

  10. Julie...(That Gorgeous little freckled face girls Momma) says:

    Several years back I was in a rush as I always am….Doing things at the last minute….and in the course of my rushing around for my four (soon to be five) FavoRitE people in the whole WorLD…I was very Blessed to stumble across these two AMazINgly Sweet and FuN people!! In my desperate need for a photographer this Smoking HoT Redhead couldn’t turn me down…(I think it was because I was crying like a BiG Baby)..;'( …………This is how the story begins when I found the two most AMAZING photographers in the World..and The Sweetest friends..!! We are once again upon another Fun family adventure as always with the Underwoods..and we are getting to add KIRbY and his Sweet family to the mix…YAAAY!!!! Chelsea & Mack were our first wedding appointment to book and confirm..(Of course)..Busy as always..last night I was riding home listening to the radio up loud..looking out the window and thinking about how LuckY I am…and My sweet Taylor starts sending me picture after picture as a preview to these today. And….well guess what, I was back where I started that hectic day when I first heard Chelsea’s Sweet Perky..HapPy voice over the phone…..Tears started pouring down my cheeks..HAPPY Tears!! I couldn’t wait for that car to get us home……Chelsea and Mack..First..I Truly love both of you!! You two are so talented and gifted in your profession. You two are able to pick up this small mechanical instrument with your hands..and bring it up close to your eyes and as you look through that tiny little view finder….and with a small press and release, you pull back and from that moment the rest of us are able to look and feel true emotion as we all gaze into pure…….Love, Joy..Giggles, Passion…Peace. Happiness..The beginnings of a new Life…Art, and Most of all God’s Blessings!! It isn’t that little instrument that is creating that Beauty…It is the Beautiful minds looking through that tiny little view finder. I am so Grateful for that Crazy hectic day all those years back….This Blog is so Sweet and Such a Beautiful and true expression of our kids..Thank you So very much!! Love you Both!!

  11. Katie (Aunt Katie) says:

    Taylor is absolutely stunning ~ gorgeous! Kirby is drop dead handsome! And you McGowans totally capured the head over hills love these two obviously have for each other. I swear, my heart is smiling (if thats possible) LOL I couldn’t get enough of these pictures! I may have to drive from Virginia to have my family pictures made. You have amazing talent!simply beautiful!



  13. Darlene Martin says:

    These are just amazing………….Taylor is Beautiful and you can see the Love between the two!

  14. Liesa says:

    LOVE! Man these are great. Off the bat I love the silhouette pictures, the canoe pictures, and so many others. They have an epic picture taking tree in their new back yard for years to come! You’re right–completely natural young love. 🙂 Wish Rob and I warmed up to being lovey in front of the camera that fast!

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