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McG in San Diego

Hullo friends! I hope you all had a safe & super-fun New Year’s celebration! I’m not at all ashamed to say that we were all fast asleep when 2013 made it’s way to the West Coast… but that’s because we’re on vacation, and we do vacation HARD.

I’ll obviously be posting a vacation recap here on the blog when we’re settled in back at home next week, but I thought a little “mobile blog” look at what we’re up to might be fun! What are laptops for, right? 😉 If you want to keep up with what we’re doing on a daily (ok, sometimes hourly, or several-times-an-hour) basis, you can follow us on Instagram @ ejmcgowan & chelsea_mcgowan.

Last Thursday/Friday/Saturday, we drove from our home in Texas to San Diego, California. The drive looked a lot like this:

Thank goodness, when we got to San Diego, it looked like THIS!

On Sunday morning, we went to La Jolla Cove and our dear friend Maggie took some family pictures for us. I’ve only seen these two, but they made me WEEP with the happies, and I’m just dying to see the rest. DYING.

Uggggggh. Isn’t that just face-meltingly beautiful?!?? I’m so excited to blow it up huge and hang it on the wall. Favorite place, favorite people, that SUN. Just perfect. We adore you, Maggie!!!

Today starts our time at Disneyland, so I’ll try to share a shot or two from the Happiest Place on Earth before the week is out. And then on Monday, the fun really starts. oh yeah. McG Best of 2012 contest. Get ready for epicness. See you soon!

  1. LeighAnn Standridge says:

    I LOVE your little girl’s sweet glittery red shoes and her precious pigtails. I pray that if we have a baby girl in the future she has like this! Such a beautiful family!

  2. Geanna Chisholm says:

    Oh Chelsea! Those McG family shots are AMAZING! I love that first one. Dot is looking so sweetly up at you and Mack. UGH, melted my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teresa says:

    #5 is my favorite

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