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Carmen & Ryan : Wedding Pt. 1

About an hour before we met up with Carmen in her hotel room, I got a text message from her… “GO AWAY, RAIN!!!!” And hey, it worked! We ended up with beautiful weather for this classically gorgeous Dallas affair, and I ended up with too many images for one blog post. My inability to narrow things down is your gain, blogstalkers!

I said it on Monday, but I’ll say it again, this was one of our most easy, relaxed, smooth-flowing weddings in a long time. Carmen & I worked hard to put together an itinerary that worked best for her big day, and everything came together perfectly. Once the bride & groom were able to see each other, they both breathed a deep sigh, and set about enjoying the rest of their wonderful evening together.

But wait… I’m getting ahead of myself. 🙂 Let’s start back at the hotel with Carmen!

I kind of died over the family heirloom brooch on the bride’s bouquet. Stunning!

We had just the right amount of cloud cover to make Belo Garden nice & gorgeous for this mid-afternoon First Sight… and of course, lots of honking & cheering from passers-by!

GORGEOUS. These are just so quintessentially Dallas.

The SMU campus is so gorgeous & green this time of year… no shortage of beautiful places for portraits!

There’s nothing like that special rush right before a ceremony…

The couple was married by the groom’s grandfather… it was so wonderful to see how much he loves them!

Mr. & Mrs. Tubbs!!

There’s LOTS more loveliness to come… be sure to tune in tomorrow for more portraits & a beautiful Dallas CityClub reception!

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