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Shawn & Adria : Dominican Republic Wedding

Happy Labor Day, guys & dolls! I hope you’ve all got a relaxing day planned… a day when you can grill, maybe swim a little, enjoy time with family, and reflect on an amazing summer. But I ALSO hope that you’ve got time in your day off to check out this beautiful destination wedding! 🙂

We photographed Adria & Shawn’s private sunrise wedding ceremony in Punta Cana last Wednesday. The couple were legally married in Oklahoma City the week before, so the Dominican ceremony was truly just for them. They wanted that symbolism up of the sun coming up over the water… coming up over the start of the rest of their lives together. They said unrehearsed vows, that made each other laugh & cry. They exchanged rings, and they took a moment to just be still & listen to the waves, and soak in the memories they were making. On the beach at dawn, this amazing couple pledged FOREVER. And we were so beyond honored to be there to see it.

We met up with Shawn & Adria at the Hard Rock resort in Punta Cana at 5 a.m.. I’d say “bright & early”, but it wasn’t bright at all. 🙂 I did Adria’s hair & makeup while we hatched our plans for the rest of the morning.

And then, with color just starting to flush the sky, the four of us headed down to the water. Shawn walked a few yards ahead, never looking back, so he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of his beloved before it was officially time. 🙂

The look on his face had both me AND Mack choking up with emotion… and of course, Adria too.

Shouldn’t every wedding ceremony start with a hello hug?

Shawn’s vows included a pinky swear… more tears.

These are some of my new favorite ceremony images. The bride & groom just taking a second to stop talking, stop rushing, and BREATHE together. Cement that memory for ever & ever.

Mr. & Mrs. Bowman!

The beach we were on was under construction, and as the sun got higher, the earth movers roared to life. We had to work fast to shoot some portraits with the rock formations before bulldozers made a special appearance in the pictures!

The Hard Rock resort is SUCH a huge property, and completely gorgeous around every turn.

I was super nervous about doing Adria’s hair & makeup, but I have to say, I think it turned out pretty beautifully considering I’m totally not a professional. I even brought along a kit for sweat-removal & mid-shoot touch ups! 🙂

And these ones… oh, these pictures. They just fill my heart up with happy. These are SO true to Adria & Shawn’s spirits. They’re playful & fun & completely over-the-moon in love with one another.

You guys… FRIENDS… thank you so much for bringing us with you to capture this part of your journey together. We’re crazy excited to see you again next month, and photograph your sure-to-be-awesome Dallas reception. You were an absolute gift to us this year, and we hope these images make you feel as special as you’ve made us feel.

  1. Adria says:

    And then I died. Tears. So many tears. These are just perfection! And your words are so beautiful too. How can we possibly decide which ones to frame??!?! Ugh, I just love you guys. All I can really say is THANK YOU, and that will never be enough.

  2. Giselle Huet says:

    Gorgeous!!!!!!! So much happiness, breathtaking. And the hair and makeup was great too!!!! Love, love, love!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful. Made me teary.

  4. Monica says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  5. Dawn says:

    I’m with Stephanie–this wedding was so beautiful, I just wanna cry!

  6. Nicole says:

    So frickin’ gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  7. KaylaS says:

    Ahhhh… killing me with the water on the feet shot! I love it!

  8. mandaroo says:

    Seriously so simply beautiful! The set of “first look” was so perfectly captured! I love the 2 pictures of them walking down the beach right after and then sitting on the beach! Gorgeous!

  9. Angela S. says:

    Beautiful!!! I have to say that I love that they were the only two there. You guys did a great job capturing that magnificent scenery too!

  10. Pat Milligan says:

    Adria and Shawn — this is so beautiful! I’m getting teary looking at your joy!

    McG – Phenomenal pics! You are so talented!! And yes, you can add hair/makeup to your “official” resume!!

  11. Melody Giammalva says:

    OH MY GOSH! Theses photographs are so exquisite, so poignant, and just breathtaking that I feel privileged to see them, let alone know that they exactly depict Shawn and Adria’s love for each other! Well done!!!

  12. Robin Klavon says:

    These photos are absolutely fantastic.!!!

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