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McG Goes Dominican

Thanks to an incredibly laid back bride & groom and a super-simple schedule, we had lots of downtime in the Dominican Republic. And while we are usually all about the adventures, zip lining & snorkeling & swimming with sharks just didn’t have much appeal for us on this trip. Maybe next time we’ll branch out and explore a bit, but this time, we were the HEIGHT of laziness, spending our days relaxed by the beach & the pool, sleeping in late & drinking lots of frozen concoctions.

We had beautiful, smooth, easy flights. As a somewhat nervous traveler, I’m always grateful when that happens.

We stayed at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana, and despite some construction on a few of the restaurants, we were incredibly impressed with the resort. We stayed in the Elegance Club section, mostly just so it’d be quieter and there wouldn’t be kids in our pools, but we had NO idea our room would come with a butler. Crazy, right? He brought champagne, gave us a private tour, drew a hot bubble bath for us, and remembered our kids’ names. Raphael was our favorite part of the trip (I mean, other than the wedding 🙂 ), and we’re bummed we forgot to get a picture with him!

We didn’t have a swanky ocean view or anything like that, but our room sure was beautiful!

One night, we met our awesome clients Adria & Shawn in downtown Punta Cana to eat at the famous Jellyfish restaurant. The kind-of-scary drive was TOTALLY worth it… I had red snapper with fresh peppers that was literally the best piece of fish I’ve ever eaten. Mack had the seafood feast, and although he was hungry, could barely put a dent in the crazy amount of food they brought him!
I’d love to see this restaurant in the daytime… completely gorgeous.

Here’s a shot of that delicious bubble bath I mentioned earlier… if you follow Mack on Instagram (@ejmcgowan) you would have seen the picture he posted of me IN the tub! 🙂

Cloudy beach days are my all-time favorite.

Every time we shoot a destination event, I get more & more excited for our own “redo” in a few years. I can’t wait to have our adventure in Greece, and finally have pictures in a setting this magical that actually, ya know, have US in them! 🙂

  1. KaylaS says:


  2. amy says:

    ahhh that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you guys had the best time relaxing with such beautiful viewsss!!!!!!

  3. Adria says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!! Can we go back? I had no idea how gorgeous your resort was! I’m so glad! The red flowers in your room are my absolute favorites I saw the whole time down there. And the Jellyfish (especially the seashell wall, GAH)! And omg the wedding! Perfection in every way. Can we come to Greece with you? I’ll be your butler!

  4. mandaroo says:

    I officially want to go back to the Dominican Republic now!! Gorgeous!

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