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Erica & David : Engagement

In the middle of all the wet weather we’ve had recently, Erica & David lucked into an absolutely stunning day for their engagement portrait session at Rockledge Park on Lake Grapevine. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the breeze was cool… I swear, a Disney princess couldn’t have been happier with that weather.

This couple is a complete blast to work with, and we’re so excited to photograph their Galveston wedding in January. They brought a sign with them to their session that read, “It’s never to late to live happily ever after”, and really, that’s SO perfect for them. It might have taken Eric & David longer than they wanted to find each other, but now that they’ve got what they’ve been searching for, you can be sure they’ll NEVER let it go. 🙂

Enjoy a few of our favorites!

I love that they can’t help but genuinely laugh at each other.

Erica’s freckles are 18 different kinds of adorable!


YAY! So much fun. Thank you guys so much for trusting us when we told you to climb on cliffs, lean against pokey trees, and walk in a rocky lake. I hope you’ll agree, it was all totally worth it. 🙂 See you SOON!

  1. Missy says:

    I love love love love love them!!! Erica and David, you kind of make me want to throw up from all the cuteness, but I am seriously so happy for the two of you. I seriously can’t pick a favorite. I will agree with Chelsea and second that you freckles are all kinds of adorbs. Happiness just oozes out of you two.

  2. Erica says:

    I LOVE them!! You both are so easy and fun to work with. And you both have such an incredible eye and gift. We can’t until Galveston!

  3. Jan Howard says:

    These are amazing! I’m so happy you found each other! I love seeing your endless smiles when you’re together.

  4. Megan says:

    Gorgeous! I especially love the b&w photos. Sweet but sexy. Erica and David’s love for each other simply glows and their smiles are contagious. What a lovely couple!

  5. Shiloh says:

    Of course I’m in LOVE with all of them!! Chelsea & Mac’s work is always amazing, but the couple in these pics make them even better 🙂 I love how genuinely happy y’all are together! Can’t wait til Galveston!!

  6. taylor says:

    Amazing! The 4th from the bottom is beyond stunning!

  7. caitlin says:

    Super obsessed with the fourth one from the bottom – with him picking her up and the cliff? Perfection, as usual.

  8. Courtney says:

    I adore these!!! Stunning, sexy and sweet. What a perfect engagement session!

  9. Mandaroo says:

    I seriously think y’all (McG) get better and better with every session! I love all of the different angles and shots in the session! The way you captured her hair blowing in the wind is just stunning! The cliff top pics are beautiful!

  10. megB says:

    These are just… magical. That location gets better and better every time you shoot. it. LOVE the forest set, and the toe pop on the cliff!

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