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Sierra & Alex : Wedding

As many of you know, Mack and I commute into the metroplex for the majority of our weddings & sessions, and travel to the Texas Hill Country for work several times a year. We’re lucky to live out in the middle of nowhere ourselves, a sleepy little town where not much happens, but we’re close enough to the bustling city to be available to our clients (and Target!). We’re completely used to the drive, and hardly notice it anymore. But I’ve gotta say, when we have the opportunity to shoot a wedding in that same sleepy little town, less than 5 minutes from our home… well, that kind of spoiled us. Best wedding commute EVER. 🙂

Alex & Sierra were married last Saturday at the groom’s family home in Morgan Mill. It rained a bit during set-up (and, as you’ll see, during groomsmen portraits), but the sky cleared up beautifully for an outdoor ceremony and some magnificent bride & groom portraits at sunset. We kind of adore this wedding collection from start to finish, and we’re so glad it’s finally time to blog it.


How many bridesmaids does it take to buckle a particularly stubborn shoe? (Apparently, at least one more 🙂 )

Such gorgeous girls!

Despite that beautiful blue sky you saw above, a big cloud blew over the property and rained on us during the portraits of Alex & his groomsmen. Luckily, the guys were total troopers about it, and didn’t even complain about getting a little soggy for the sake of staying on schedule.

The rain didn’t last long, and was completely cleared away by the time everyone headed down to the pecan bottom for the vows!

Sierra had quite the ride down to the end of the aisle runner…

Mr. & Mrs. Laughlin!

As usual, we pointed the couple away from us toward a spot where they could spend their first few minutes as a married couple just soaking up the happy.

We had a very limited time for portraits, so we didn’t move around the property really at all… luckily, different angles captured amazing colors in the sky, and a variety of lighting techniques helped us mix it up for the final product. I’m really loving this short-but-gorgeous collection of portraits.

UGH. I mean… shut up. That sky?? PERFECT.

The images above & below this text were taken at the exact same time… one with flash, and one without. I liked the both for totally different reasons, so both made the blog!

Just stunning, right?

Earlier in the afternoon, we had time to capture lots of images of all the reception details… well, when it wasn’t raining on them. 🙂 Alex & Sierra had a fantastic team put together a gorgeous event for them, and we were so impressed by how it all looked!

First stop, cake cutting! If these pictures don’t make your mouth water, you have more self-control than I do. I’m totally craving cake now.

The bride & groom made sure all their guests had champagne for the toasts by starting off the fountain… I love these images of Alex popping the cork!

First dance as husband & wife, while Sierra’s sister sings a beautiful song…

I really love when wedding guests get into the bouquet & garter tosses. It’s so much more fun that way!

Dance party!!

Thank you both SO much for choosing us to capture this amazing day. You & your families are all such wonderful people, and we were honored to celebrate with you. We hope you had a fantastic time in St. Lucia, and we’ve got all our fingers & toes crossed that we’ll be able to work with your super-fun crew again very soon!

  1. Jana says:

    All is gorgeous obviously.. but i want to comment specifically on the shoot shot toward the end where Sierra is dancing. Sierra that is the most AWESOME picture ever! You should deffinately get a canvas of that at prominately display it in your home!

  2. Melissa Gill says:

    Beautiful wedding Sierra and Alex, awesome celebration, congratulations!

  3. Toi says:

    I really love how the beautiful red dresses pop with color against the bright green grass. And I love, love the huge pecan tree they recited their vows in front of. Just gorgeous!

  4. amber k says:

    soooo much pretty!! love the pop of the bridesmaids dresses and OMG those cakes! yum!

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