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Katie & Taylor : Engagement

Last week, we really started feeling the rush-rush-rush that is the life of a photographer before the holidays. We want to really maximize this most beautiful time of year, and get as much done as we can so we can enjoy the holidays with our family. Sometimes, that means three engagement sessions and a full mentoring day all in the same week. 🙂 Luckily, every single one of the sessions we shot had beautiful (if slightly chilly) weather, and we LOVED getting to know some of our 2014 couples a little better!

We photographed Katie & Taylor at Rockledge Park on Lake Grapevine on Thursday afternoon, and alternated between shivering with cold and almost sweating. When clouds covered the sun and wind blew over the lake, it felt wintery… then that sun would pop out and everything would warm up 15 degrees! Craziness! Mack and I really loved it though, because it meant we got to photograph one of our favorite locations with both moody clouds AND glowy sun in the same session, which kind of never happens.

Katie & Taylor are just such HAPPY people. They were easy laughers, and so absolutely comfortable with each other, that we couldn’t help but make fun of them when they said they were awkward in front of the camera. I mean, come on… when you love each other that much, and have that much God-given ADORABLENESS between the two of you, it doesn’t matter how awkward you are… we can make some magic. 🙂

Check out some of our favorites!

In all of the DFW metroplex, it’s really hard to beat this park for stunning backdrops.

Katie specifically requested fall foliage in her engagement session if at all possible, but obviously in Texas, you can’t really plan for that. I was SO glad we were able to find the kind of color she wanted!

I never get tired of these cliffs. Never ever ever.

I’m so glad Mack is willing to hike halfway across a park and give posing directions via cell phone for epic shots like this.

You two are just too cute. We had a blast getting to know you, and now we can’t WAIT for your wedding in May. It’ll be here before you know it!

  1. Mad says:

    I’m usually a bigger fan of the super up-close-in-your-business kind of shots when it comes to picking favorites, but I’m in love with that forever away shot! Good team work C&M!

  2. bobbileigh says:

    One of my fave engagement sessions in a while. Love this location it never lets me down and produces some gorgeous pics. The variety from the up close greenery shots to the far away one on the ledge is stunning. I am glad I dont have to try and pick a favorite.

  3. Katie says:

    Chelsea and Mack y’all did an amazing job! These pictures are better than Taylor and I could have hoped for! It is going to be so hard to pick just one to go on our save the dates. Couldn’t ask for better photographers 🙂

  4. Kendall says:

    So pretty! I’m with Madlyn on this one – Mack wins with that far away shot! So gorgeous!

  5. Toi says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! I love the rocks and water also. They are all so good. Mack, you did a fantastic job telling them how to pose via cell phone! Katie, I think you need to find a Save The Date card that holds 2-3 pictures! I couldn’t make a choice either. 🙂

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