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Kelsey & Tim : Wedding

We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a very long time… it’s the first time we’ve had a Saturday without a wedding since mid-September, and the first real Saturday OFF we’ve had since early August! We plan to spend all day tomorrow cuddling our sweet kids & enjoying a tiny little break in this crazy fall season. The break doesn’t last long, though. 🙂 We have 17 families worth of mini-sessions on Sunday, and right back into the wedding fray after that, all the way up ’til Christmas!

But for even longer than we’ve been looking forward to this day off, we’ve been looking forward to Kelsey & Tim’s wedding. We first met the bride in 2010, when she was a bridesmaid for Kayla & Luke’s incredible Austin New Year’s Eve wedding. That wedding also has the distinction of being the one where the limo ran over and broke two of my toes… but that story doesn’t have anything to do with Kelsey & Tim, so I won’t tell it today. 😉 We got the limo from a rental service. You can also find the best limousine, here!

We were SO glad to get to be with this awesome group of friends again, and capture all the beautiful moments of Kelsey & Tim’s big day. The Vineyard at Florence was a gorgeous venue, and even though we fought heavy clouds all day (and into the very dark night), the bright spirits and happy smiles of everyone involved made the day a lovely one to photograph.

For this wedding, we were joined by the super-fab Nikki Riggs, who acted as assistant and third shooter, and was just generally worth her preggo weight in gold. We’ve gotten kind of spoiled working with awesome assistants this fall… I keep telling Mack I want to keep them! You’ll see a few of Nikki’s shots peppered throughout this blog, and we’re so grateful for all her hard work for us, and the bride & groom.

It’s always harder for me to pick images for a one-part blog, but I managed to get this one narrowed down to a somewhat reasonable length. ENJOY!

I just adore the excitement of a First Sight…

Such a great looking wedding party… and filled with familiar faces!

We used every single tiny bit of daylight we could for portraits… the bride & groom had to hustle, but it was so worth it. 🙂

As is a tradition with this group of gals, we had to photograph a shot of Patron before Showtime!

Soft indirect lighting made this nighttime ceremony so intimate & romantic…

Mr. & Mrs. Vitek!!

The reception decor was simple & elegant, and allowed the architectural beauty of the winery to really shine…

Kicking off the party with a Grand March…

Nikki experimented with some funky reception lighting that I just love. I’ve been wanting to try this myself, but it’s very unpredictable and we just haven’t had time this year. Maybe at one of our upcoming receptions we’ll take a song or two to play with something new. 🙂

Congratulations, Kelsey & Tim! Thank you so much for choosing us, even before the engagement. It means the world to us to work with people who’ve supported our business for so long, and we’ve got our fingers & toes crossed that we’ll keep seeing y’all once a year or so as the rest of the girls in the crew get hitched. 🙂

  1. Caty says:

    Gorgeous as always! Absolutely in love with the portraits you got. Those clouds are killer and Kelsey looks stunning!

  2. Erin says:

    I think this is my favorite set of wedding photos. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Mad says:

    This is a wedding I’ve been excited to see since the first shoot they did with y’all! I was NOT disappointed. Kelsey, everything was gorgeous, especially you! I hope you adore your photos, they’re beautiful 🙂

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