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Erica & David : Wedding Pt. 2

Happy Friday, folks!

Yesterday, we shared all our favorite images from the first half of Erica & David’s wedding day in Galveston, and that included a lot of really stunning sunset-time portraits. If you didn’t see that post, you owe it to your eyeballs to keep on scrolling down and check it out! Everything we’re sharing today happened after dark, as this beautiful bride & her groom exchanged vows, and then partied the night away with friends & family at The Lasker Inn.

The little chapel where the ceremony took place was just oozing vintage charm… perfect for an evening event!


I loved this image of Erica’s dad giving a thumbs up on the walk down the aisle…


Mr. & Mrs. Fraizer!!


The reception was held at the Lasker Inn, and we were completely blown away by the service of the venue. They really took care of our awesome clients… and us, too!


After the big getaway, we followed the bride & groom down to the beach for a little romantic walk as the moon rose over their first night as husband & wife!


Congratulations, Erica & David! You’ve been a complete pleasure to work with the last several months, and we couldn’t have picked a better way to kick off our 2014. We’re praying that the rest of your first married year is full of many more adventures together!

  1. Allison says:

    wowzers. beautiful wedding and y’all captured it so perfectly!!!

  2. Erica says:

    Holy moly…David and I are blown away! Anyone that has thrown a wedding knows how fast the whole night blows by, and I LOVE how you guys captured each special and fun moment of the night! You guys truley have a gift.

  3. Adria says:

    GAH! The one where they’re kissing on the dance floor. Can I get married again? I’ll be like Ross from Friends only I won’t actually get divorced and it will be the same guy. We’ll just have wedding after wedding because I have so many different ideas.

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