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McG Spring Minis : Pt. 3

Finally, the weather DIDN’T play kickball with our hearts!! This past Sunday might have started out cold & windy, but it ended up being a completely gorgeous day, and the sun even made it’s way out a time or two. We were able to photograph 8 more of our family mini sessions, and we’ll be sharing our favorites from those sets today, tomorrow, and Monday!

Little Miss Valentine wasn’t at all sure about Mack and I during her family’s session, but luckily, her great big brown eyes are SO ADORABLE when she doesn’t quite know how to feel! You can just see the wheels turning in her mind… I wanted to gobble her up, she was SO sweet!


Zachary and his mom Emily had a TON of fun during their session… it’s clear these two share such a special love for each other, and they were a blast to photograph. Plus, Zach told the best jokes ever. 🙂


Lindsey & Justin are running off to get married in Hawaii this summer, and we’ve decided to forgive them for not taking us along for the adventure. 😉 Such a sweet little engagement session!


Come back tomorrow… we’ve got more pretty babies, loved-up couples, and even some PUPPIES to share in our next installment! 🙂

  1. Allison M says:

    your work? seriously amazeballs. (thatisTOOawordautocorrect!). it always takes my breath away.

  2. Toi says:

    Well, session 3 was a hit for me as well. I said in my comments from session 4 that I loved pictures with babies. But here, you have a flying baby getting caught in daddy’s arms! That’s a W-I-N!!! Then you have the vibrant colors of pink/peach and purple in the other’s pictures mixed with the green grass. I don’t know how you found green grass, but leave it to a McG to find it! 🙂 Great pictures.

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