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Sam on The Voice… a recap

If you don’t watch “The Voice”, don’t care about my sister being on “The Voice”, or DO care but just haven’t had a chance to watch last night’s episode, consider this your warning that this blog post is just BURSTING WITH SPOILERS. Read on at your own discretion.

(Also, excuse the photos of our TV screen… when we were writing this, the pro photos of her battle hadn’t been released yet)

Last night, my sister, an incredible singer-songwriter named Sam Behymer, performed in a Battle round on NBC’s “The Voice”. She competed against Christina Grimmie, a show fave and YouTube sensation with over 2 million YouTube subscribers. The battle was EPIC, one of the best of the season (something people who aren’t even biased are saying). See that Battle here:


(If that link doesn’t work, please please please search on YouTube for Sam Behymer and watch the “Counting Stars” Battle)

After the Battle, Coach Adam Levine chose to move on with Christina, ending Sam’s time on the show.

Although it wasn’t made clear in the show, Sam’s battle was one of the last to be recorded, so there were no steals left when she sang. Two different coaches weren’t shy about the fact that they’d have stolen her if they had a chance. The deliberation was literally about four times longer than they showed on TV last night, but I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of it. I was kind of in a state of shock the whole time.

I’ll answer your immediate questions in bullet points:

—  Yes, we think Sam won the battle. We don’t just think that because we love her, either… Blake Shelton thought so, lots of people “behind the scenes” at the show thought so, and thousands of viewers who’ve never met Sam agree as well.

—  No, I don’t think Adam had his mind made up before the battle, and yes, I think it was a hard decision for him.

—  Yes, I absolutely think his decision was swayed by Christina’s overwhelming internet popularity, because if she makes it to the live rounds, that’s a guaranteed couple million votes for his contestant every week.

The Voice - Season 6

Suffice it to say, knowing about this for a month has been hard. Yeah, a month. Mack and I went to LA for the Battle the third week in February. We were sequestered in a hotel, couldn’t tell anyone we were there, couldn’t post any pictures. This is NOT the same time we were in California with our friends & kids… this trip started 36 hours after that one ended. WHEW! Talk about a whirlwind.

I shouldn’t have to say here how proud I am of my sister. That should be wildly evident. The courage and sacrifice that it took to put herself out there for the show… knowing that it meant she’d lose her job… she’s such a beast.  She saw an opportunity to take her music to the next level, and she JUMPED on it.

She was surrounded by powerhouse singers… people who just need a chance to be heard and have hit songs written for them, and they’ll be famous. Sam definitely has a powerhouse voice and is unbelievable talented as a multi-instrument musician, but she’s more than that. She’s a writer. She’s got music inside of her that’s pushing its way out any way it can. She didn’t pursue a Blind Audition on the show thinking she’d win (although obviously, that would have been awesome). She pursued it thinking, “Every second I can spend learning from these people is good for my art.”

She told me after it was all over, “You know, I don’t want to be famous. I just want to be able to have enough visibility to sell enough records and book enough gigs so that I don’t starve. I’m going to do this my whole life anyway… I’d really like to not having to balance it around another 70-hour a week job.”


And that’s Sam. She doesn’t want to be famous. She never did. She’s actually crazy nervous in front of people, despite the amazing performer she is. She’s an ARTIST, and any recognition the show can bring her just goes to support the art she HAS to make… for an artist, creating isn’t an option. If you don’t create, you’ll die.

Yes, clearly, we’re incredibly proud of Sam. We’ll continue to support her career, and I hope many of you will, too. If you haven’t bought her latest album “This Bad Decision”, go do that. It’s the best thing you’ll do with $9 this month, I guarantee it.

Anywho, so yeah, Mack and I were at this Battle. In case you didn’t watch the embedded video up there, here’s a screen grab of us being all excited on TV.


I was heartbroken at the result, and cried a lot with Sam both on and off-camera. But we know how to lift a sad spirit…


Yup, we went to Disneyland again. Two times in one month. It was a really really really great day.

And now, Sam’s back to “real life”, as much as possible. She’s writing new music, booking gigs whenever she can, hoping she can sustain herself on her part time job and her music. Hoping that the buzz she created on the show will help propel her into a new phase of her career. One less about hoping 15 people show up at a gig, and more about planning a tour soon.


If you’re going to keep up with The Voice this season, allow me to place a bug in your ear…

We got to spend some time with other artists while we were there, and they really are a fantastic bunch of people. But two stand out above the rest, and if you need extra incentive to vote for them, here it is.


Tess Boyer and Jake Barker are fantastic talents, and great friends to my sister, and wonderful, GENUINE people. I look forward to cheering them on, and funneling all the McG Household votes to #TeamTess and #TeamJakeBarker while we enjoy the rest of the season.

You can buy Sam’s music on Amazon and on iTunes, but if you don’t have a preference, use BANDCAMP! She gets a higher percentage of the cash through that service, and well, that’s pretty awesome.

You can also pre-order new custom SamBats t-shirts, and those are pretty sweet. HERE’S THE LINK FOR SAM’S BANDCAMP SITE.

Thank you all. From Sam, and from us. Thank you for your kind words, for your album purchases, for your vocal online support. We think she caught a raw deal here, but we’re also trying to focus 100% on the positive. This was an amazing experience that introduced incredible people into Sam’s life. She’s grown so much as a performer, and things are only going to go up from here. We are so grateful for all the encouragement the McG community lent to Team Sam… feel free to keep waving that SamBat flag high! 🙂

  1. Jen Seymour says:

    Lovely post Chelsea! For some reason I’ve really connected with your sis’ voice – just LOVE it! So unique and crystal clear (plus I could tell she was nervous when talking in the interviews, so I totally felt a connection with her – that’s how I am too!). This has GOT to help her career, HAS to! I can’t wait to see what she writes next! 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    I totally thought Sam had that battle … sometimes the winner doesn’t win. It is a tough show with incredible talent and I wish Sam all the best in the future.

  3. LeighAnn says:

    My husband and I are SamBat fans for sure! And will be purchasing an album today! We totally support new music artists and felt a connection to her, not only though your posts but through her voice! She is amazing and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her! She is an inspiration to keep on keeping on and to not give up on our dreams! Go Sam!

  4. Amy W. says:

    I genuinely thought Sam won that battle as well. When she didn’t, I just KNEW Blake would steal her and do amazing things with her and was shocked when he didnt. Now I know why. I know Sam will do great without The Voice though. .. she’s very talented! Very proud of you, Sam!

  5. Christian U. says:

    Absolutely LOVE this post! I am so glad you shared! Cheering Sam on! Her voice literally makes me stop to listen, and gives me goose bumps EVERY time!

  6. Tiffany O says:

    Well, you’re much nicer than I am (ha! like that needed to be said!) but I’m mad and Adam is on my bad list. I don’t care how good he smells. Sam 4-EVAR.

  7. Ann Marie says:

    I’ve loved her from the first second I heard her. Her awesomeness will win the day (contrary to “Adam’s Gut”) I can’t wait to see what comes of all this for her, it’s all up from here. Chelsea, a girl in her shoes couldn’t ask for a better team! McG rocks! Take good care of your girl!

  8. stephanie says:

    We totally thought Sam had it last night and were shocked when he didn’t pick her. I think Adam made the safe choice and everyone who was watching last night knew it. Thanks for all the insight, it is really interesting. I’m so glad you guys were there for here that night and I’m sure she was too. Can’t wait to see for what the future holds for Sam!

  9. Amber B. says:

    Hands down Sam won that battle, but it’s ok because I will continue to support her!! Her voice is so unique, beautiful, and interesting!! She’s so talented and she will make it!! Way to go Sam, keep following your dream.

  10. Melissa says:

    I was so disappointed when Sam didn’t win, but immediately I felt a little tug at my heart that her not winning was actually for the best. Sam is too beautiful and too unique to be commercialized by the machine that is reality tv. She absolutely should be proud of what she did on that stage, but from everything you have shared, she should be as proud of the amazing woman that she has become throughout her journey. This isn’t how her story ends, this is the beginning of her art becoming her career. I can’t wait to see what happens for her as a result of this amazing experience and the wonderful connections she now has. Way to go, Sam! Let your little light shine!

  11. Katy K. says:

    She should have had that! I love her voice! Adam definitely chose the wrong girl and I think he knows that. I will definitely be buying her albums! 🙂

  12. Ambo says:

    I have never been as proud of Sam as I am after this experience. As someone who has been to many Sam Behymer shows, I’ve always been a HUGE fan–her cd’s are in constant rotation in my car and on my ipod. She showed extreme grace on television and while I agree that she got a raw deal and should have advanced, I am so proud of all she accomplished. I know in my heart that this special lady is going to go so far in her music career and I hope I am there every step of the way!! #sambatforever!

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