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I am the Luckiest

You said you had something fun planned… but I didn’t think it was this.

You said it was a bummer that we weren’t using our rewards points in Vegas this year… but I wasn’t expecting this.

You said we might come up with something a little better than “CouchBed Movie Day” for my birthday this year… but I never saw this coming.

Maybe it’s just 48 hours, and maybe we’ll have to freeze our “play money” for a month or two to cover the last minute flights, but man…

Nobody adventures better than us.

I’m 28 today, and I truly believe I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

  1. Happy Birthday!!! We share the same birthday month (and year apparently) so I know from experience that May Babies are the best!!!

    Hope you guys are having a blast, this couple photo of you both is adorable.


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