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Julie & Kids : Celebration

Julie was the winner of our “Know Your McG” contest, and chose to take her free McG session in the form of family portraits with her kids. And thank GOODNESS she did. Can you believe this beautiful family hasn’t had portraits taken together since before the youngest was BORN?!?! That’s over 20 years! Ridiculous. Glad we could fix it. 🙂

If you saw the “McG & Traditional Portraiture” blog we posted here on Monday, this is kind of an extension of that. We get a little looser when it’s just one family group and there are no mobility issues to keep in mind, but our goal is the same… we want to blend classic portraits (everyone smiling at the camera) with our constant personal goal of capturing genuine spirits & emotions in natural feeling images.

Julie & her kids picked PERFECT outfits for this outdoor sunset session, and we hope the experience was painless enough to encourage the crew not to wait 20 years before the next portrait. 🙂

Enjoy a couple favorites!


A necessary component of any family session?

LAUGHTER. Lots of it.


Thank you so much for making time to come out & have us photograph you. We hope you all love these as much as we do! 🙂

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you guys sooo much for this opportunity. I am loving these pictures and how they captured my kids personalities in their laughter. It is a true treasure for me! Thank you for not killing us when we didn’t follow directions 😉

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