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Amanda & Josh : Engagement

It’s December, guys! Home stretch! Let’s finish out 2014 strong… it’s been a great one! 🙂

We actually met Amanda & Josh last year, at our Spring 2013 mini sessions. We knew Josh wasn’t a fan of pictures, so the fact that he deemed our mini sessions “not bad at all” was a complete victory. Having them call us back once the ring was on? Even MORE of a victory!

We’ll be photographing this sweet couple’s wedding next summer in Abilene, and used a luckily-warm and gorgeous day for their engagement session not too long ago. Once again, we managed to keep Josh happy… maybe by the time this is all over, he’ll actually ENJOY portrait sessions?? 😉 Nah, probably not. But he’ll at least enjoy getting to snuggle with his gorgeous lady for an hour!

Check out a few of our faves, starting with some from a NEW spot we found not too far from our house! We’re always hunting for new (legally accessible) locations out here in the country, and this one was a great discovery. 🙂

McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog01McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog02McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog03McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog04McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog05McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog06McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog07McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog08McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog09McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog10McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog11McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog12McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog13McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog14McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog15McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog16McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog17McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog18McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog19McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog20McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog21McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog22McGowanImages_Amanda&JoshENG_Blog23Easy, natural, HAPPY. I love the feeling that comes out of these images. We’re excited to get to aim for more genuine moments like this at the wedding in June. 🙂

  1. Amanda Gillett says:

    EEEEEKKK!!!!!!! I <3 THEM!!!!
    The lighting and the coloring is absolutely incredible! I cannot express how grateful I am to have y'all as my photographers, your work is absolutely the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was up bright and early at 6am to look at them the moment they hit the blog! I am so ready for my bridal session now so I can see all of the magic that you will create!! 🙂

  2. Carla Whitehead says:

    Wonderful pictures. Congratulations Amanda and Josh

  3. Ashley Struble says:

    These are so beautiful!:)

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