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McG Behind The Scenes : Second Half 2014

These behind the scenes posts are always interesting to build. I’m reminded of places we’ve been, fun people we’ve photographed, crazy situations we’ve gotten ourselves into. But this one was particularly interesting to put together because of the physical changes we’ve undergone in the last 6 months. Since July 5th, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, and Mack has lost that much and built up some KILLER muscle. (Seriously, have you seen the guy? WHOA.) We basically just decided we weren’t satisfied with the way we looked, and decided to put some effort into being the best versions of ourselves. Neither of us has reached our goals yet, but we’re in the best shape of our adult lives, and excited for the further changes we’ll see in 2015.

It was all I could do not to photoshop off some of those pounds in the Behind the Scenes images from the summer… but I didn’t. I like seeing where we’ve come from, because that makes where we ARE even more rewarding.

Some might say that kicking off a blog post with a picture like this is inappropriate, but hey… as long as I’m the one posting these blogs, I’ll do it how I want to. And I like Mack’s Grand Exit light testing photos the BEST. 🙂


I try to demonstrate sexy poses, and often fail. Thank goodness my clients bring more sass than I do. 🙂


We’ve photographed some seriously gorgeous places this year… Devil’s Waterhole is one of our favorites, and we never get tired of exploring new places along the Texas Coast!


I photograph the newborn sessions, but I absolutely cherish Mack’s help with them. He’s a pretty talented baby-whisperer, but he’d never admit it!


Yep, it’s official. Mack is going to be reeeeeal annoyed at the amount of photos in this post that feature his butt.


We can’t do a Behind The Scenes post without featuring a few of the “Friends of McG” that helped us this year! I was SO grateful I had my sister’s assistance for this Girls on Film session I photographed in Malibu this summer. Speaking of… when do I get to shoot on this beach again????


We miss our Kayla-Monster. Best Assistant EVER.


MegB. Providing hair, makeup, styling, and pruning assistance to McG since 2010. 😉


The following photo was when I finally started to notice my weight loss in Mack’s wedding day images. Thank GOODNESS. It can be exhausting to work out and eat right if you don’t see results!


Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s definitely Mack hanging off the side of a cliff, balancing super-precariously, to get the angle he wanted for this overhead shot during Carley & Kurt’s B&G Session at Turner Falls. I nearly had a fear-stroke.


Why do we post Behind the Scenes images? Well, because it’s fun. Because we want to show that FUN is what we’re aiming for with the McG experience. Not only do we want to give each of our clients images that they’ll love for a lifetime, but we want to make sure they walk away from the shoot thinking, “Holy cow, that was a blast. Let’s do another one.” And so far, well, we have a pretty good track record. 😉

  1. Kylie Taylor says:

    I love everything about this blog post!! Seriously, you guys are the most fun and easy people to work with. You guys are just like “okay I want you like this and Ty you look this way and Kylie you close your eyes..” And Bam, magic happens! I know y’all bust your butts getting the perfect shot and it’s I can’t thank you enough for all the pretty you make happen!! You guys rock!

  2. M-Dawg says:

    The sad-face one is my fave. Well, that, and all of Mack’s ass, of course. 😉 You two are amazing!!! xoxo

  3. Marlene Abbott says:

    I’d love to know what you’ve been doing to lose the weight because you look AMAZING! You look so happy and so comfortable in your skin. I’m extremely uncomfortable in my skin and I just don’t know where to start/what to do to get myself feeling better. I know you’re a busy woman, but could you maybe send me a quick email of what you have been doing?

    You rock these blogs, Chelsea and Mack! Love love LOVE it all!

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