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Brittany & Steve : Maternity Celebration

Having already pushed this session back once because of an ice storm, we were really worried to see the forecast called for rain again a couple days ago. Brittany is going to have this baby sooner rather than later, and belly bump pictures can’t wait much longer! Luckily we found a pocket in the middle of the rain, and were able to track through the mud to some gorgeous spots out here in the country. Brittany & Steve are so ready to bring this sweet boy home, and we know they’re going to be fantastic parents!!

This was definitely one of those sessions where picking out my “favorite” images was a task I didn’t feel prepared for. So much pretty!


Yes, I probably could have done a better job narrowing down images from that last set… but GOSH ALMIGHTY. That dress, that girl, that belly, that big blank sky. I couldn’t stop swooning, and I think it would just be awful not to share with the blog something that made me swoon. 🙂

  1. Dawn says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! I mean, seriously–that dress is like WHHAAAAATT??! And while I like the McGs’ sunshiny pictures, moody skies make me swoon. Fabulous job, McGs! And congrats, Brittany & Steve!

  2. BreAnn says:

    Oh man, I love those last few. Seriously gorgeous. So amazing!!

  3. Leslie Martin says:

    Brittany is beautiful…truly glowing! And that dress?!!? I die….SO PERFECT!

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