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Kylie & Ty : Halfiversary Celebration

Ok, “halfiversary” isn’t a word. But when Mack and I were dating, that’s what we used to call the fun little mini-celebrations we had every six months. It’s gone by the wayside a bit… that happens when you’ve been together 11 years, and have two kids and a busy business and a house under massive renovations. But I remembered it earlier this week when we photographed Kylie & Ty, just past their “six months married” mark, and I remembered how exciting a “halfiversary” can be.

Marriage is hard! There’s a learning period no matter how you come into it, and each year brings new challenges. But as long as this couple keeps loving each other this way, they’re going to knock all those new challenges down whenever they face them. That’s all you can do, really… stand strong as a team, and believe you can make it through anything, TOGETHER.

Thanks for coming out to play with us, kids. We LOVE photographing you. 🙂


Happy weekend, everyone!

  1. Kylie Taylor says:

    Look at how much fun we had!!! Thank you guys so much. Looking at him in these just gives me butterflies all over again!! 😉

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