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McG Spring 2015 Mini Sessions : Part 2

As each of our fantabulous clients from the recent Spring 2015 mini sessions turns in their image choices, I’ll be sharing a few here on the blog! Sometimes it’s hard to make the hard chop from 50-80 images down to your favorite 10… but hey, that’s why it’s their job, not mine. 😉

We dealt with all sorts of weather at Cedar Hill State Park on this Sunday evening, from windy & cloudy to super bright & sweaty, all the way to scary-clouds & early darkness. And you get to see sessions from all those times in today’s blog, along with these incredible families who managed to make it all look gorgeous.

We really do get to work with the BEST people.


Those. EYES. Such a handsome boy!

This is only a third of the sessions we shot, so be ready for more soon!

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