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Tiana : Bridal

Thank GOD Tiana got married this past weekend, because I was about to explode with anticipation from having to wait to share these bridals.

She’s one of those girls I wish I could hate… she’s SO GORGEOUS. Like, stop on the street and look at her, gorgeous. So, in my fair & reasonable estimation of the universe, she should then be kind of ditzy, or not very nice, to even it out.


Tiana is not only gorgeous, she’s hilarious and kind and quick and one of those rare people who just hopped right into my heart the first time we met. She & Joseph are one of those couples that I’m super grateful for in our business… and now I’m glad they’re done being clients so we can just get down to the important business of being friends.

And, hey, so I can finally show off these GORGEOUS bridal portraits from their horse ranch, taken a few months ago!


Pick your jaw back up off the floor, that’s a married lady! 😉

Check back in with us toward the end of the week for all our favorite images of Tiana & Joseph’s wedding day… you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Jeanene Milanak says:

    A bride does not get any more beautiful then you Tiana! You look amazing!! Very stunning!!!!
    I am so happy for you two. You both were always my favorite students at TSU and I was so glad that the two of you got together.
    Hugs to both of you and may God Bless and Keep both of you throughout your journey through life together!!
    Sincerely and Warmly,
    Jeanene Milanak

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