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Presley & Elias : Engagement

Obviously, we shoot most of our engagement sessions with couples who’ve already booked their wedding photographer… us. 🙂 That’s not ALWAYS the case, sometimes we shoot engagements for people who’ve hired someone else, or are getting married far away. All sorts of reasons. But when we get to shoot an engagement session for someone who hasn’t picked a wedding photographer yet, for whatever reason, I always treat it like a personal challenge. Like, “A-HA! Well, prepare to fall in love with me.” What can I say, I’m competitive!

We obviously put the same effort into all our sessions, but man… we don’t always get COMPLETELY lucky with gorgeous weather on an August evening. Presley & Elias were so sweet on each other, the light was completely delicious, and I was bummed this was just a mini session because I could have shot them for three hours.

In 20 minutes, we made some serious magic together, and I’ve got all my fingers & toes crossed that we’ll get to do it again in May. 😉

Check out a couple of my faves!


I mean, just gaaaaaaah. MAN I have missed shooting couples in love during our summer break. MORE PLEASE!

  1. Adria says:

    GAH! How adorable are they??

  2. Shauna says:

    These are GORGEOUS. Thank you for capturing the moment, Chelsea! xoxoxo

  3. Kelli G. says:

    Gorgeous!! They are the cutest!

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