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Chelsea & Cameron : Engagement

Chelsea & Cameron’s engagement session is another one of those we shot right before we took off traveling, and it just never found it’s way to the blog. Definitely time to fix that!

This sweet couple is getting married in just a couple months, and we were thrilled that they booked our phenomenal associate shooter Nikki to cover their wedding day. Mack & I joined Nikki for the engagement session, and pretty much had a blast getting to know this bride & groom.

Simple, sweet, quick & easy, in a lovely location with delicious light. Hard to beat that recipe!

McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement01McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement02McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement03McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement04McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement05McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement06McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement07McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement08McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement09McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement10McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement11McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement12McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement13McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement14McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement15McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement16McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement17McGowanImages_Chelsea&Cameron_TrinityParkEngagement18It’s almost here, y’all! Pretty soon all this wedding business will be behind you, and you can get down to the much more important business of just being married. 🙂 Thank you again for choosing us to capture all the hustle & bustle for you!

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