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John & Angela : Celebration

Angela has been wanting to do this shoot with us for, oh, approximately… forever.

Ok, maybe not this EXACT shoot. And maybe not exactly for all time. But it feels like we started emailing back & forth talking about photographing her & John together SO long ago, when it’s really only been a few years.

Their wedding didn’t work with our schedule. Boo. Their bride & groom session didn’t work with the weather. BOO. And then every single time they’ve been in Texas, we’ve been gone… and even when we’ve been in California, THEY’VE been gone!

So finally, when we were going to be in San Francisco during a time when they were actually around, you can bet this gorgeous girl was emailing me INSTANTLY to plan a celebration session with her sweetheart.

We met in Hayes Valley, the area of San Francisco where Angela & John lived before they moved to Berkeley. The neighborhood holds so many great memories for them, and the light & color around there is spectacular. We had SO much fun exploring with them on a gorgeous evening, and although John is a notorious portrait-hater, even he ended the session saying, “That actually was a lot of fun.” Mission : ACCOMPLISHED!

This is another one where I was terrible at narrowing down “favorite” images for the blog, so the server is lucky it only had to deal with 50ish uploads this time. Blame that California light and beautiful, happy clients… I just can’t help myself! 🙂


I’m not even sure Angela noticed this at the time, but I chose this specific alleyway for this shot because the address number is also the area code of the little town where she & I both grew up. Pretty cool, huh?


Who stole Michelle Obama’s arms?? Oh yeah, right, it was Angela.


Girlfriend was looking so fierce, we had to take a second to let her Be Yonce’  😉


You guys were SO much fun! I hate that it’s taken this long for us to get you in front of our cameras, but I’m so glad you were able to jump on it this time. And hey, now that John knows it’s not miserable to shoot with us, you should totally book again next time you’re in OUR neck of the woods! 😉

  1. Leslie Martinek says:

    ANG. you look so gorgeous!!! I miss you!!! and of course Chelsea and Mack killed it again… but what’s new?! 😉 love yall!!!!

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