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Brittny : Bridals

We actually shot Brittny’s bridal portraits back in the spring, which meant we had gorgeous weather, but a looooong wait to be able to show anyone. I know she’s been dying to share with┬áher beloved pretty much since the second we finished, and I’m so glad she finally got to!

We’ll be sharing more of this couple’s New Orleans wedding next week, but at least we can show off what a stunning bride she made! The McKinney Cotton Mill is one of my favorite places to shoot portraits, and just looking through these made me want to schedule another session there ASAP.

Enjoy a couple favorites!




We couldn’t pass up the chance to use the mask Brittny bought for her French Quarter reception. LOVE.


Girlfriend, you are a stone cold FOX.

  1. Mark Murphy says:

    I thought that pre-wedding photos were a waste. My daughter, the bride, is a wedding photographer. What Chelsea (and Mack, because he does not get enough credit) did with this photo shoot is amazing.

    Let us be clear, my daughter paid for this herself because of her belief in the pre-wedding photos. After I met Chelsea and Mack, I would pay for anything they do. I only hope that I can convince them to to some industrial shoots for me!!!!

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