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McG Year in Review: We Do

Today, we’re sharing our favorite wedding portraits of 2015. Some were taken before the ceremony, others immediately. These are the images we are often most rushed to create… and that’s totally normal. Our couples want to spend time with their guests, while most all of them prioritize some romantic time to just be together, we always try to keep portraits moving pretty fast so our brides & grooms can get back to enjoying their day.

Trimming down this collection was especially difficult, but we’re pretty sure this blog post is a great glimpse at the kind of portraits we like to make for our clients.

In the past, this is the category we’ve made into a contest, which limited us to one portrait per wedding…. so this year, we’re REALLY excited that we can show off a couple dozen of our favorites, instead of trying to choose just one per couple!!



Tomorrow’s blog post is our absolute favorite… I mean, if we’re allowed to pick favorites. 😉 But seriously, if you’ve looked at anything this week, make it a point to come back and see the REAL MOMENTS in tomorrow’s post!

  1. Allison says:

    Just now having enough down time to check out all the year end blog posts. Y’all have some major talent for sure

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