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“Day After” session…. or three weeks later session, whatever. When we knew we’d be back in Kentucky so soon, it was no stretch to figure out we needed more time with Brittany & Melissa. Dinner & drinks was fun too, but we’re SO glad we got to augment their wedding collection with some beautiful natural […]

Brittany & Melissa : Bridal

We’ve gotten to be pretty great friends with Ashlee and Rachael since their wedding… well, particularly since their epic post-wedding session at Possum Kingdom Lake. And by “pretty great friends”, I mean “regular fixtures in each other’s homes, a little co-dependent… that kind of friends. We’re insanely grateful for them. Anyway, we were firming up […]

Rachael & Ashlee : Anniversary


This is, without question, our favorite blog post of the year. These are moments we were excited to capture, that we know mean the world to our clients, that really tell the story of these incredible days we get to document. It’s the moments… the quiet ones, the loud ones, the public ones, the ones no one […]

McG 2016 Wrap Up : Moments



We don’t get too terribly long with our couples after the I Dos. There are events where we get more time than others, and no matter what time we have, we work to make sure our clients have portraits that they’re excited to hang on their walls forever. And this year, we got some serious doozies… […]

McG 2016 Wrap Up : We Did

Lizz & Eric flew with their daughters from St. Louis to San Diego in mid-June, and came back married. They were already a family… already so much love and commitment there. But that doesn’t mean the celebration at Marina Village was any less important to each of them. We’ve been so blessed this year to […]

Lizz & Eric : Wedding


We’ve been excited about Mike & Jenna’s wedding since we heard they got engaged. Not because we assumed they’d hire us, but because Jenna & I are pretty tight. What’s “pretty tight”? Well, she’s spent nearly 40 hours with her needle in my skin… so I’d say we’re pretty close. 😉 I went to high […]

Jenna & Mike : Wedding