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Marissa & Trey : Engagement

Welcome back to the poor, neglected blog. A MONTH… I’m kind of ashamed of myself. But the truth is we’re working our tails off prepping for an amazing 2016, and part of that is the start of a new life for what was formerly known as Girls on Film. We’ll be blogging an introduction to SKIN very soon… so get excited. 🙂

But enough of that, let’s focus on an adorable new engagement session! Marissa & Trey will be our first wedding of 2016, and it’s just a month away! We met up with them recently in Deep Ellum for an easy, laid back, double date walk around town. We love when engagement sessions feel like that… by the end of an hour together, Mack and I were even more excited for this non-traditional cocktail party event on the calendar soon.

We already received a squealy happy email from our bride & groom about this collection, so it’s BEYOND time to show them off here. Enjoy!


If it feels like this wedding arrived really fast for us, I can only imagine how excited y’all are! See you so soon!

  1. ann says:

    Well it’s about time!!

    Adorable couple, groovy location, glorious sun!!

    Wedding sounds interesting! Can’t wait to see those pictures!

  2. Angie says:

    Love, love, love these! I’m shocked at how many pictures you guys were able to get of Trey SMILING!

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