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Aimee & Keid : Engagement

We shot our first engagement session of the year last week, and it was so good to stretch those muscles again. We’re having so much fun getting to know our 2016 couples… Every new couple we meet makes us more and more excited for the year ahead… and we have room to meet a few more. We know once wedding season kicks up, it’s going to be an absolute blast!

Aimee & Keid are one of those couples, and if the amount of laughing we did during their engagement session is any indication, the wedding day is going to be completely joyful. And really… isn’t that what they all should be?

We’ve been sharing a few sneak peeks of this session on our Instagram account (@mcgowanimages) and our Facebook page, but you know we love sharing a bigger collection here on the blog. Enjoy!


There are so many images from this session that DON’T involve Amy and/or Keid laughing, because obviously we weren’t cracking jokes the whole time. But as I looked through the collection, these HAPPY ones just jumped out at me. It’s so them.


That January light… there’s just something about it. We don’t always get to use it because January is just as likely to be cloudy and gross, but this year, it’s DELICIOUS.


It might still be cold outside, but April is right around the corner. We’ll see y’all so soon!

  1. Dawn says:

    I really love this session–it just feels so easy and perfect, and the light is to DIE for! Great job, McG’s! Also, Aimee, I’m sooo jealous of your outfits.

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