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Amy & Cody : Engagement

That’s what Texas is going to be about this week. Luckily, we’ve got several new sessions to show off with absolutely delicious weather, and we’ll just get a bit of a break until it’s drier!

We photographed Amy & Cody’s engagement session in Marble Falls. I’ve said before that these spots are our favorite places in Texas, and it’s true. Longhorn Caverns & Inks Lake State Park… we could genuinely shoot there once a week for 6 months and not even remotely get bored. There’s just SO much gorgeousness in that area.

We really loved that this sweet couple was game for whatever we said, which involved a lot of climbing. 🙂 But I’m sure they’ll agree, TOTALLY worth it.
Check out some of our favorites!


I mean. Shut up. DRAMA in the best way.


I don’t like heights, and I pretty much freak out whenever I’m doing an overhead shot. But when there’s a balcony with this rock in front of it, I just have to deal… worth it.


If this next one isn’t an art piece in their home, size HUGE, then I’m going to genuinely be upset.


So much pretty. So much happy. Can’t WAIT to hang with y’all again!

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