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Kellie & Wes : Engagement

October & November 2016 are going to fall right in line with the 8 years before them… CRAZY season. The spring is it’s own thing, but there’s nothing like autumn for the Texas wedding photographer. Kellie & Wes are one of the couples on our roster for the fall, and are getting married at one of our favorite rustic venues. The N at Hard Way Ranch pretty much NEVER lets us down. Pair that with a genuinely hilarious couple and a super fun engagement session? Well, basically stoked for the wedding day.

Kellie started everything by saying, “Ok, I’m not cuddly”. And my response was, “Well, you can get snuggly a bit and enjoy it, or you can sit and smile at the camera for an hour. I promise that one is worse.”

Turns out, we were totally right, and they had a blast… even if Kellie had to get a little more into PDA than she’s used to. 😉

Check out some favorites from this sweet country sunset session!

McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_01McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_02McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_03McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_04McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_05McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_06McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_07McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_08McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_09McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_10McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_11McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_12McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_13McGowanImages_Wes&KellieEngBlog_14Seriously, ya’ll… that light in a month full of rain? Someone upstairs must love you.


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