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Rachael & Ashlee : Just Married

The plan was to go all the way there… two gorgeous brides, in two gorgeous dresses, in all their natural steamy hotness. Then, well… rain. Duh, it’s Texas in the spring. And it was COLD that day.

But you know what these fearless gals said? “Whatever, we can rock it. Let’s go play in the rain.”

And that’s the attitude that took this to the next level. Embracing everything stormy & the intermittent rain put us all in an awesome creative place. Anything we said, they did. Every look they threw, we shot.

Basically, this session rocked our entire collective FACE off.

Now, it gets to rock YOUR face off… Happy Thursday!


FIERCE. That’s just the only word.


These ladies were bringing so much EPIC, but every time we got in their personal space, they radiated in a whole different way.


I said, “Ummmmm Mack? I want to get them in this tree. Can we do that?” He said we could, Rachael immediately started climbing up barefoot like she’d been climbing trees in gowns her whole life…. and Ashlee eventually got up there and said, “OH, ok, I’m good now!” This is a shot I never knew I always wanted to take… barefoot brides in a tree with a stormy sky.


After rescuing Ashlee from the tree, Mack reached up for Rachael and realized she was going the opposite way. Homegirl decided that she needed to bring her full diva for a solo portrait 15 feet above the ground!


Oh yeah, by the way… brides in the water. You ready?


Yup. YUP. We love you girls to pieces, and we’re SO glad you’re McG alums. Whaddaya say we go out and play every anniversary, huh?

  1. Lisa says:

    I LOVE this! I cannot wait to “trash” my dress someday and have you guys photograph it.

  2. Ambo says:

    Holy Wow…..gorgeous!

  3. Dawn says:

    I saw this post yesterday but couldn’t come up with what to say in my comment, so I’m trying again today. Still no words. I don’t think there’s anything I can say to properly detail how blown away I am by these. This session is just so friggin INCREDIBLE!

  4. Rachael Arroyo says:

    Best day ever. Ya know besides the wedding. I still can’t get over these pictures. They’re so awesome. So so awesome.

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