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Gabi & Faris : Wedding

Have I mentioned lately how blessed we are to have Nikki? Every time she shoots something for us, I fall in love with her work all over again. The couples who book our associate packages aren’t just getting “McG Lite”… they’re getting an incredible artist that we are honored to present as part of our company.

Nikki shot Faris & Gabi’s relaxed backyard wedding not too long ago, and the entire collection is completely gorgeous. It’s so awesome to get those squealy images from brides after they see all the gorgeousness and get to kind of relive the day all over again. And looking through these photos again to get them ready for the blog was fun for ME all over again!

Just a little snippet of their wedding story…


This note… totally melted my heart!


This… this “I’m about to walk down the aisle” moment… lovely.



A little dinner on picnic tables under beautiful trees…


Thank y’all so much for choosing McG to be a part of your gorgeous day!

  1. ann says:

    How absolutely, gorgeously perfect! If you hadn’t said Nikki shot this I wouldn’t have known. I love the one of Gabi with her eyes closed – breathing as she heads down the aisle. Just lovely. And cowboy hats and fire pit at the end? Shut up!!

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