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Calli : Bridal

Calli as a bride… y’all, we’re just kind of dying to show off this gorgeous girl’s Mexico wedding to her crazy-handsome groom. You may have already seen some sneak peeks on our Instagram ( And if you haven’t, well, why not?

But we’re not quite there yet, so let’s just check out some of Calli’s bridal portraits. We shot these earlier in the spring at Stillwater Meadow, a new wedding venue in Aledo that’s not open yet, but maaaannnnnn, we’re excited for when it is!!

Girlfriend was completely fearless and we had SO much fun with her. Enjoy just a couple of our favorites…


It was hard to choose between color, and black&white, for most of these images. The blue sky and green grass and Calli’s fierce red lips POPPED so much, but there’s something so classic about this girl when the color is stripped out of the image. But hey, when I can’t decide, I just consider that an all-around win, and flip a coin. 😉


Mack might have wanted to steal this truck. And by “might have”, I mean he had a serious moral struggle because he loved it so much.


It’s one thing to lay on the ground during a bridal shoot, and Calli did that without hesitation. But then I told Mack I had a vision in my head of something seriously epic, but that I couldn’t do myself. So while I got this safe shot on the ground…


Mack climbed waaaaayyyyy up in a tree, took my kind of vague idea, and RAN with it. Sometimes it really extra-hits me how incredible his artistic eye is, and how lucky I am to have that kind of brain to collaborate with. And, ya know, to climb trees so I don’t have a panic attack leaning out  over the ground 20 feet above the ground.


THANK YOU for being the kind of bride who always says, “Sure, whatever you guys want!”. You’re already gorgeous and fun to shoot, but that really took it over the top! And just WAIT til you see the wedding collection!

  1. ann says:

    Beautiful. And that last image? Well can I just say that before I die I want a picture like that. Of course it certainly helps that she’s do gorgeous…but dayyyummm!!

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