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Mika & Nick : Celebration

We photographed Mika & Nick’s wedding in Odessa 6 years ago this past May 7th… easy to remember, because it’s my birthday. Funny story, I actually didn’t even remember that it was my birthday when I booked their wedding! Mika called about two weeks before Dorothy was born, so I was in this foggy exhausted haze. I just knew we had the date open, chatted, and booked it.

Mack had to tell me a couple months later, “Oh hey, did you mean to book a wedding on your birthday?”

Well, I hadn’t meant to, but I didn’t mind at all. We’ve loved staying in touch with this awesome couple over the years, and we were so stoked to get to shoot yet another set of anniversary portraits for them. And since Mika & I planned for a pretty cool session this time, on a¬†background as drool-worthy as the Cotton Mill in McKinney… let’s just say it was pretty delicious.

Check out just a sliver of the lovely…


Mika picked the PERFECT dress from Rent The Runway… seriously shows her off, and compliments her handsome hubs in his custom suit. SLAY.


Swooooon, y’all! Give me MORE sequined dresses and steamy glamour. Y’all CRUSHED this! Can’t wait for you to see the full set soon!

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