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Molly : Bridal

We photographed Molly & Ryan’s engagement session┬áthis spring starting at a wine bar in downtown Fort Worth. It remains one of our favorite shoots of the year, and afterwards, we were upset all over again that we were booked for this amazing couple’s wedding date. Then Molly decided to jump on a bridal session, and man… we just got more bummed. Because not only did girlfriend SLAY her session, but we had an absolute blast with her at one of her favorite bars. The bride said, “Your blog readers are going to think I’m super boozy.”, and I responded, “Nah, our blog readers are going to think you’re awesome.”

And once you see our faves from this mid-day session at the Blind Butcher Bar in Dallas, I feel pretty confident you’ll all agree. Enjoy!


I sent Molly to Beauty and the Blush, and Rayven absolutely killed it with hair & makeup. This soft glam look was swoonworthy, just like we knew it would be. Thanks friend!


Assuming you’re smiling because of the fun and the pretty, my response is “RIGHT?!??” We super loved this one. Special thanks to the Blind Butcher for being so accomodating, and for excellent drinks while we worked. And Molly, let’s go play more. K?

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