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Kris & Kendall : Wedding

This might be the shortest wedding blog we’ve ever published, but the 2.5 hours we spent with Kendall & Kris on a sunny Thursday morning in Wichita Falls was one of the sweetest things we’ve ever witnessed. Sometimes, love takes a little while to find you. But when it DOES find you, there’s no mistaking it, and you jump in with both feet, eyes wide open, happy all the way down.

Just a little piece of their story…mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog01mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog02mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog03mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog04mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog05mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog06mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog07mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog08mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog09mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog10mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog11mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog12mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog13mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog14mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog15mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog16mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog17mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog18mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog19mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog20mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog21mcgowanimages_kendallkrisblog22

Kendall, we continue to love the heck out of you. And watching the way Kris loves you too, I can see we’re going to get along with him just fine. 🙂 Congratulations again, you crazy kids!

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