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Alex & Jennifer : Wedding

Alex & Jennifer are so much fun, so it was no surprise to us that their wedding was a blast. But they also involved us so much in the planning of their wedding day, that it ended up being such a complete blast to shoot. We worked with them on the best time to plan their ceremony… how much time we needed for portraits… how the day would flow.¬†We can obviously walk into any situation and roll with it. That’s part of the job. But man, we can really knock it out of the park when we’re able to coach our clients about timing. Light is a big deal, man. Jennifer & Alex got DELICIOUS light.

At the new Tuscany Hill at the Springs in McKinney, this adorable couple officially became man & wife. The people that love them danced and sang and smiled so hard their faces got sore. It was an all around fantastic evening, and we’re excited to show off some favorites…

Alex sent his bride a letter to read before their ceremony, and it was quite the tear-jerker. For her, I mean. I mean, I for sure didn’t cry. That’d be silly.

If you’re not smiling right now, you might be a little dead inside. Congratulations, you two… we hope the first year of your marriage is absolutely legendary!

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