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Rachael & Ashlee : Anniversary

We’ve gotten to be pretty great friends with Ashlee and Rachael since their wedding… well, particularly since their epic post-wedding session at Possum Kingdom Lake. And by “pretty great friends”, I mean “regular fixtures in each other’s homes, a little co-dependent… that kind of friends. We’re insanely grateful for them.

Anyway, we were firming up a trip to Las Vegas to shoot a couple sessions for SKIN by McG, and it came about that Vegas sounded like a great idea for a first anniversary session. We were all right… it definitely was a great idea.

We started off in the hotel room, mostly just because I wanted to add a slice of real life. Real life is Rachael sleeping until the absolute last minute, and Ashlee being gorgeous and patiently waiting. The rest of the night… dancing and laughing and a little making out in dark Fremont Street alleys… well, that’s an even more fun kind of real life.

I had no choice but to include these two shots in the blog. First, a big camera selfie, because duh.

But then, my new favorite photo that’s ever been taken. THEY ARE THE CUTEST.

Hey. Thanks for coming to Vegas and trusting us when we tell you we’re going to take pictures in sketchy places and for being friends. And CONGRATS on your first wedding anniversary… it’s just the first one of many, but it’s definitely worth celebrating.


  1. Amber Burris says:

    These are so fun!! I love them so very much!! Happy 1 year Anniversary ladies!!!

  2. Adria says:

    I just CAN’T with how gorgeous and adorable these two are. Happy anniversary ladies!

    Buuuut sorry, y’all got overshadowed by that last picture. Internet winner forever and ever.

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