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Lee & Morgan : Wedding

Spring weddings always come with the risk of storms… it’s just the nature of Texas weather. But when a bride & groom are firmly focused on what matters most, then even intermittent thunderstorms and moving the ceremony inside won’t dim the shine all over a happy day. Morgan & Lee are a couple we’ve been looking forward to all spring. They’re just so FUN together, and so genuinely themselves. There’s no pulling to get real emotion out of this bride & groom… they wear their feelings on their sleeves, and we LOVE it.

Here’s just an abbreviated version of their wedding story, told through our favorite images of the day. Enjoy!

Now, I dare you to tell me that doesn’t look like a blast. And if you DO try to tell me that, I’ll argue. Because we were there, and it was a BLAST.

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

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